Amos Chapter 7

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Locust, Faya, Plus Plumline

  1. Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty show me. He dey prepare plenty locusts afta dem don harvest di king share, and just as di second plants dey come up.
  2. For my vision, di locust chop everi green plant wey dem see. I con tok sey, “Oh Baba-God Almighty, biko forgive us, or we no go survive, becos Israel too small.”
  3. So Baba-God calm down, Baba-God tok sey, “Dis tin no go happun.”
  4. Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty show me: I see Baba-God dey arrange punishment for hin pipo wit serious faya. Di faya don burn di deep big-river and e dey burn di whole land.
  5. Naso I tok sey, “Biko Baba-God Almighty, I dey beg you to stop! How Jacob go take survive? He small well-well!”
  6. So Baba-God stop, con tok sey, “Dis tin no go happun sef.”
  7. Dis na wetin he show me: Di Oga dey stand near one wall wey dem build wit plumline*, wit plumline for hin hand.
  8. Naso Baba-God ask am sey, “Amos, wetin you dey see so?” And I ansa am, “Na plumline,” Baba-God con tok sey, “See, I dey set plumline [as standard] among my pipo Israel. I no go free dem from punishment again.
  9. Dem go scata di idol shrine of Isaac and di worship-place of Israel go dabaru; I go raise against di house of Jeroboam wit my sword.”

Amos Plus Amaziah

10. Den Amaziah wey be di priest of Bethel send message to Jeroboam wey be di king of Israel, sey: “Amos don plan bad tins against you, for inside Israel. Di land no fit hold all hin yarnings;

11. Becos na wetin Amos dey tok be dis: “Jeroboam go die by sword, and Israel go surely enta foreign land, komot from dia native land.’ ”

12. Amaziah con tell Amos sey, “Komot from here you dis prophet! Dey go back to di land of Judah, and do your business as prophet for there.

13. No prophesy again for Bethel, becos na di king holy place be dis, and na di palace of di kingdom.”

14. Amos con ansa Amaziah sey, “I no be prophet or prophet pikin, but I be shepherd, and I dey take care of sycamore fruits.

15. But Baba-God carry me from taking care of animals, con tell me sey, ‘Go prophesy to my pipo Israel.’

16. Now, make you hear Baba-God word. You tok sey, ‘No prophesy against Israel, and stop to dey preach against di house of Isaac.’

17. “So na wetin Baba-God tok: ‘Your wife go turn to ashawo for inside di city, you sons and daughters go die by sword. Dem go measure your land, con share am, and yousef go kpeme for kontri wey no know Baba-God. And Israel go true-true enta foreign land as slaves—far-far from dis land.’”


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