Amos Chapter 8

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Di Basket of Ripe Fruits

  1. Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty show me: one basket wey full wit ripe fruits [cold-season fruits].
  2. He con ask me sey, “Wetin you dey see, Amos?” So I ansa am, “Basket of ripe fruits [cold-season fruits].” Baba-God con tell me sey, “Time don ripe for my pipo Israel to receive punishment! I no go change my mind about punishing dem.”
  3. Baba-God tok sey, “On dat day, di songs for inside Baba-God house go to turn to cry-cry. Plenty-plenty deadbody go scata for everi where! Dem go throway dem komot wit silence!”
  4. Hear dis word, una wey dey swallow pipo wey need epp, and wey dey komot poor pipo from di land,
  5. We dey tok sey, “Wen di New Moon go finish, so dat we go fit sell food; and wen di Sabbath go finish so dat we go fit sell wheat?”—we go komot from di measurement, con add-join di price, and we go cheat pipo wit wuru-wuru measurement.
  6. So dat we go fit buy poor pipo wit silver, con buy pipo wey need epp wit sandals; yes, and we go even add chaff join di wheat to sell!”
  7. Baba-God don swear wit di levels of Jacob sey, “I no go surely forget any of di tins wey dem do.”
  8. Abi di land no go shake for dis tins, and everi pesin wey dey stay inside am go cry? Di whole land go rise like di Nile; e go raise up, con go down like di river of Egypt.
  9. And Baba-God Almighty tok sey, “On dat day, I go make di sun go down for afta-noon, con make di earth dark for korokoro afta-noon.
  10. I go turn una festivals to sadness, con turn all una songs to cry-cry. I go make all of una wear sackcloth, con shave una head gorimakpa. I go make dat time be like time wey pesin wey dey cry for hin only son wey kpeme, and las-las e go be like bitter day.”
  11. Baba-God Almighty tok sey, “Days dey come, wen I go make hungry catch di whole land—no be hunger of food or water, but hunger to hear Baba-God word.
  12. Dem go move upandan from big-rivers to big-rivers, con waka from north to east—dey waka upandan to fyne Baba-God word, but dem no go see am.
  13. On dat day, ‘Di young fine girls, and di strong young men go faint becos water no dey for dem to drink.
  14. Dem wey dey swear wit di sin [mumu idols] of Samaria—wey dey take oath wit di name of di god of Dan, con make promise wit di name of di god of Beersheba—all of dem go fall down, and dem no go raise up again.”


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