Amos Chapter 9

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Di Scata-scata Of Israel

  1. I see Baba-God dey stand near di altar, and he tok sey: “Nack di cap-of-di-pillars, so dat di foundation go shake, nack di roof come down on top of di heads of di pipo wey dey for indside. I go use sword take kill those pipo wey survive. No single pesin go escape!
  2. Even though dem dig deep inside grave, na from there my hand go gbab dem. Even though dem climb up reach heaven, na from there I go drag dem come down.
  3. Even though dem hide demsef on top of Carmel—I go fyne dem and komot dem from there. Even though dem hide from me for under big-river—I go tell snake to bite dem for there.
  4. Even though enemies pursue dem enta foreign land—I go tell sword to kill dem for there. I go put my eyes for dia body to do dem bad—and no be beta tin.”
  5. Di Oga, Baba-God Almighty, him wey dey touch di land and e go melt, and everi pesin wey dey stay for di land go cry—di whole land go rise like di Nile wen di water dey overflow, con go down like di River of Egypt.
  6. Baba-God house dey for up-up-up for inside heaven, and di foundation dey for di earth. He dey fetch water from di big-river, con pour am down as rain for di land. Hin name na Oghene [Baba-God]!
  7. Abi Israel no be like di Africans [Ethiopians] to me, oh pipo of Israel?” naso Baba-God ask, “Abi I no carry Israel komot fom Egypt, di Philistines from Capthor, and di Syrians from Kir?
  8. See, Baba-God Almighty eyes dey watch dis kingdom of Israel wey dey do bad-bad tins. I go scata dem from di face of di earth—but I no go scata di house of Jacob kpatakpata,” naso Baba-God yarn.
  9. “Becos I go yarn, and I go shake di house of Israel among all di nations, just as dem take dey komot dirty from corn, and no single corn [di beta pipo wey remain] go fall for ground.
  10. All di sinners among my pipo go die by sword, all di pipo wey dey tok sey, “Kasala no go overtake us or jam us.’

Baba-God Go Raise Isreal

11. “On dat day, I go build David house wey don kpafuka. I go repair di places wey don fall, and I go build am from scata-scata, con build am as e bin dey before;

12. So dat dem go claim di ramining part of Edom, plus all di nations wey I don call wit my name,” naso Baba-God tok—wey dey do dis tins.

13. Baba-God tok sey, “Days dey come wen di food and di grapes go grow fast pass wetin dem fit harvest; and time dey come wen di harvest go get pass wetin di grape-factory fit make. Naso di mountains go dey drop wit sweet wine, and all di hills go flow wit am.

14. I go bring back my pipo wey dem catch komot from Israel; dem go build di cities wey don kpafuka, con live inside dem. Dem go plant grape-farms, con drink dia wine; dem go make gardens, con chop from dia fruits.

15. I go plant Israel inside dia own land, and dia root no go ever komot from di land wey I don give dem,” naso Baba-God wey be una Oga—tok.


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