Daniel Chapter 10

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Daniel Vision of One Messenger

  1. For di third year of king Cyrus wey be di king of Persia, Daniel (Belteshazzar), see one revelation. Di message na true and na about one serious war wey go happun for future. Di understanding of di message come meet am inside vision.
  2. Around dat time, me Daniel, cry for three weeks.
  3. I no chop any beta food; no meat and no wine touch my mouth; and I no use any ororo for my body, until di three weeks finish.
  4. On di twenty fouth day of di first month, as I dey stand near di corner of di great river Hiddekel ( wey be  di Tigris),
  5. I look up, and for there for my front, I see one man wey wear linen, wit fine pure gold belt for hin waist (pure gold of Uphaz).
  6. Hin body be like fine-fine-stone (beryl*), hin face be like lightning, hin eyes be like lamp wey dey burn, hin hand plus hin leg dey shine like bronze wey dem polish, and hin voice dey sound like plenty pipo.
  7. Me, Daniel na di only pesin wey see di vision; di men wey dey wit me no see am, but fear con catch dem well-well—sote dem run go hide.
  8. Na only me con dey wen I see dis ogbonge vision; I taya well-well, my body con dey dull like sey I wan kpeme, and I no con get any pawa inside me.
  9. Naso I hear hin voice dey tok, and as I dey listen to am, naso deep sleep carry me go, wit my face for ground.

Di Prophecy About Persia Plus Greece

10. Naso ne hand touch me, con dey make my hand and knees shake.

11. He con tell me sey, “Oh Daniel, you get levels and Baba-God love you well-well, reason dis word wey I wan tell you—well-well, and stand up, becos Baba-God don send me to you.” And wen he tell me dis tin, naso I stand up wit fear.

12. So he kontinu, “Daniel, no let fear catch you. Since di first day wey you put-mind to understand and to humble yoursef for Baba-God front, Baba-God don hear your words, and I don come give you ansa.

13. But di (spirit) prince of di kingdom of Persia block me for 21 days; but naso prince Micheal wey be one of di chief angels, come epp me, becos I bin still dey for there wit di king of Persia.

14. Now I don come to explain to you wetin go happun to your pipo for future, becos di vision na about di future wey go come.”

15. As he dey tell me dis tins, I bow down wit my face for ground and I no tok anytin.

16. Naso one pesin wey be like man just touch my lips, so I open my mouth, con start to dey tok. I tell di one wey dey stand for my front sey, “Oh my oga, I full wit pain becos of di vision, and I no get pawa.

17. How me your servant fit tok to you my oga? My pawa don finish and e dey hard for me to breath.”

18. Again, di one wey resemble man con touch me to give me pawa.

19. So he tok sey, “Oh dis man wey Baba-God love you, so no let fear catch you. Make peace dey wit you! And make you strong kakaraka; yes, dey strong.” Wen he tok to me finish, naso pawa enta inside me, I con tok sey, “Make my oga yarn, since you don give me pawa.”

20. So he tok sey, “Abi you know why I don come meet you? I go go back to fight di prince of Persia, and wen I don komot, di prince of Greece go come;

21. But first, I (Gabriel) go tell you wetin dem write for inside di Book of Truth. No pesin support me against dem except Micheal, your prince.


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