Daniel Chapter 11

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        Di Kings Of Di South Plus North

  1. “For di first year of Darius di Mede, I take my stand to support and protect am.)
  2.  And now, I go tell you di truth: Three more kings go show-face for Persia, and di fourth one go rich pass di oda ones well-well. Wen he don get pawa becos of hin moni, he go ginger everi pesin against di kingdom of Greece.
  3. Naso one strong king go stnd up, wey go rule wit ogbonge pawa and he go do as he like.
  4. Afta he don show face, hin kingdom go break, and e go scata for di four breeze of heaven. Di kingdom no go enta di hand of hin pikins, and e no go get di kain pawa wey e bin get, becos hin kingdom go komot from e root, con enta oda pipo hand.
  5. “Di king of di south go get pawa, but one of hin commanders go even get pawa pass am and he go rule hin own kingdom wit strong pawa.
  6. Afta some years, dem go turn to padi. Di daughter of di king of di south go go meet di king of di north, to make agreement [marriage], but she no go fit keep her pawa of her kingdom, and him and hin pawa no go last. But around dat time, naso dem go kill her, togeda wit her escorts plus her papa, along wit her supporters.
  7. “Pesin from her own family go rise up to be king of di south, he go attack di armies of di king of di north, con enta hin strong-house. He go fight against dem, con win dem.
  8. He go still seize dia gods, dia iron images plus dia beta-beta-tins wey dem make wit silver and gold, con carry dem go Egypt. For some year, he go leave di king of di north.
  9. Naso di king of di north go attack di kingdom of di south, but he go run back to hin own kontri.
  10. Hin son to arrange for war, con gada big army, wey go sweep tins like big-water wey dey carry pipo komot, and he go carry di war far-far reach di enemy strong-house.
  11. Naso di king of di south [Ptolemy IV Philopator of Egypt] go march come out wit serious vex, con fight against di king of di north [Antiochus III di great], wey go raise plenty army, but dem go fall enta di hand of di king of Egypt.
  12. Wen dem catch di army con carry dem komot, di king of di south go con dey feel-big, and he go kill plenty thousands, but he no go still win,
  13. Becos di king of di north go gada anoda army wey big pass di first one; and afta many years, he go march out wit  big army wey get plenty weapons plus oda tins.
  14. “Around those time, plenty pipo go raise up against di king of di south. Di fight-fight men among your own pipo go raise up—to confam di vision, but dem no go succeed.
  15. Naso di king of di north go come build wall to attack, and he go take-over di city wey get wall. Di armies of di south no go get di pawa to fight dem; even dia best sojas no go get di pawa to stand.
  16. Di sojas wey come take-over go do wetin dem like, no pesin go fit stand against dem. He go stand gidigbam for di beta land, wit scata-scata for hin hand.
  17. He go zero hin mind to come wit di pawa of hin whole kingdom, and he go make agreement of peace wit di king of di south. He go give am hin daughter to marry, so dat he go fit overthrow di kingdom from inside, but hin plan no go succeed or epp am.
  18. Lata-lata, he go turn, con face di land wey dey near water-side, and he go take-over plenty of dem, but one commander (of Rome) go stop hin oppression against dem, con turn di shame against am (di king of Syria).
  19. Afta dis, he go run go back to di strong-house of hin own kontri, but he go fall, and he no go dey again.
  20. “Di pesin wey go rule afta am go send pipo to collect tax to maintain di levels of di kingdom, but he go die afta some days, no be by war or becos pesin vex for am.
  21. “Di pesin wey go rule afta am go be wicked pesin, and dem no go give am di respcet of di kingdom. He go come wit peace, con use style take-over di kingdom wit wayo.
  22. Big armies go sweep komot from hin front, con scata, even di high priest wey Baba-God choose.
  23. Afta dem don make agreement, he go do wuruwuru, and he go use only some small pipo take rise to pawa.
  24. For time of peace, he go take-over di richest territory of di kingdom (Egypt), he go do wetin him and hin ancestors neva do before. He go share all di beta-beta tins wey dem collect and obtain from enemies—con share dem among hin followers. He go plan to attack strong-places—but only for short-time.
  25. “Wit big army, he go ginger hin pawa and mind against di king of di south. Naso di king of di south go fight war wit am—wit big army wey get pawa well-well, but he no go fit stand becos of di plans against am.
  26. Those pipo wey dey chop from di king table go try to kill di king, hin army go sweep komot, and plenty pipo go die for war.
  27. Di two kings wey don zero dia mind to do evil tins, go sidon for di same table, con dey lie for demsef, but dem just dey waste dia time, becos Baba-God don already sabi wetin go happun las-las.
  28. Di king of di North go go back to hin own kontri wit plenty beta-beta-tins and moni, but hin heart go dey against di pipo of di holy agreement (Baba-God pipo), so he go scata tins, con go back to hin own land (Syria).
  29. Wen di time reach, he go come back, con face di south again, but dis time, wetin go happun go different from wetin happun before;
  30. Becos di ships from Cyprus (wey dey for di Romans hand) go attack am, and hin heart go cut. Naso he go turn back (to Israel), con dey vex against di pipo of di holy agreement (Baba-God pipo); and he go come back to show favour to those (Jews) wey fashi di holy agreement (wit Baba-God).
  31. “He go ginger hin armies to raise up to take-over di strong-house of di worship-place. He go stop di sacrifice wey dem dey give everi day, and dem go set-up di tufiakwa (shrine of idol for inside di holy-place) wey go cos scata-scata.
  32. He go use sweet-mouth take corrupt those wey don break di law, but di pipo wey sabi dia God go strong and dem go do ogbonge tins (dem no go gree for am).
  33. “And those pipo wey get understanding among di pipo go teach plenty pipo, but for many days, dem go die by sword, dem go burn dem, dem go catch dem, con carry dia properties.
  34. Wen dem fall, dem go get small epp, and plenty pipo wey no get clean-heart go join dem.
  35. Some wise pipo go fall, to make dem upgrade, so dat dem go pure, and to make dem clean—until di end time reach, becos e go still happun wen di time wey Baba-God choose—don reach.

Di King Wey Dey Carry Shoulder up

36. ‘Di king go do wetin he like. He go carry hinsef up—pass any god, and he go tok tins to downgrade di God of gods, and e go succeed, until Baba-God stop to dey vex, becos Baba-God go do wetin he don plan.

37. He no go respect di gods of hin ancestors, or di gods wey di women like, and he no go respect any god, but he go carry hinsef high pass all of dem.

38. But instead of dem, he go respect di god of Maozim; god wey hin papa-papa-papa bin no sabi before. He go respect dem wit silver plus gold, fine-fine-stones and gifts wey cost well-well.

39. He go attack di strongest strong-house wit di epp of hin foreign god, he go give any pesin wey worship hin gods—position for govment, and he go share di land as gift among dem.

40. “Las-las, di king of di south go follow am fight, and di king of di North go burst out against am like rolling-breeze, wit horse-moto, and wit horse-riders, plus plenty ships; and he go enta inside di kontris, naso he go sweep dem like plenty-water.

41. He go still take-over di fine land. Many kontris go fall, but Edom, Moab plus di leaders of Ammon go esacpe from hin hand.

42. He go stretch hin pawa for many kontris; and di land of Egypt no go fit escape.

43. But he go control di gold, silver plus all di beta-beta tins of Egypt, wit di Lybian and Ethiopians wey go surrender to am.

44. But message from di east and di north go make am fear, and he go come out wit vex to kill plenty pipo.

45. He go set hin palace between di big-rivers for di fine holy mountain. But las-las, he go fail and no pesin go epp am.


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