Daniel Chapter 12

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Di Prophecy Of Di End Time

  1. For dat time Micheal di ogbonge prince (chief angel) wey dey protect una pipo—go stand up. Time of wahala go dey, di kain wahala wey neva happun before since nations first dey—reach dat time. But for dat time, your pipo go save—everi pesin wey e name dey for di book.
  2. Plenty pipo wey don die—wey lie down for di dust of di earth—go live again; some of dem go wake up to live forever, and some of dem go wake up to live in shame and disgrace forever.
  3. Di wise pipo go shine like di light of di sky. And those pipo wey dey teach plenty pipo to do di right tins—go shine like stars forever.
  4. But you, oh Daniel, close di book and make you seal am until di end time reach; many pipo go run upandan and knowledge go burku.”
  5. Naso me Daniel—con look, and I see two odas dey stand, one [angel] for dis side of di river, and di oda one [angel] for di opposite side of di river.
  6. One of dem con tell di man wey wear linen, wey dey up of di water of di river, sey, “How long e go be—before dis ogbonge tins go end?”
  7. Di man wey wear linen, wey dey on top of di water of di river, con carry hin right hand and hin left hand go up—face heaven, and I hear am dey swear wit di name of Baba-God wey dey live forever—sey, “Na three and half years; and wen di pawa of Baba-God pipo don scata finish, and dis tins go happun finish.”
  8. I hear, but I no understand, so I ask my Oga, “How dis tin go take end?”
  9. He con ansa me, “Dey go your way Daniel, becos di words don lock-up, and na secret—until time reach for di end.
  10. Plenty pipo go dey pure, and dem no go get any spot, and dem go upgrade, but wicked pipo go kontinu to dey wicked; and none of di wicked pipo go understand, put pipo wey get-sense go understand.
  11. “From di time wey dem stop di daily sacrifice, and wen dem set of di tufiakwa wey dey cos scata-scata, e go be 1,290 days.
  12. Blessings for di pesin wey dey wait for di day, and wey reach di end of di 1,335 days.
  13. As for you, dey go your way until di end. You go rest, and for di end of time, you go rise up again to receive di share [your reward] wey belong to you.”


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