Daniel Chapter 6

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       Di Plan Against Daniel

  1. Darius happy to put  120 princes as rulers for di kingdom;
  2. And he choose three govnors wey go control dem; na Daniel be di first; so di princes go report to dem so dat di king no go lose anytin.
  3. But naso dem favour Daniel pass all di oda govnors and princes, becos beta spirit dey inside am; and di king con dey reason to make am ruler of di whole kingdom.
  4. Becos of dis, di princes plus di rulers con dey fyne chance to set Daniel up—about govment mata, but dem no see anytin to hollam or any fault, becos Daniel na di kain pesin wey get clean-heart, and he no dey corrupt or get any error.
  5. Las-las, dis men con tok sey, “We no go ever see anytin against dis man Daniel, unless na for sometin about di law of hin God.”
  6. So di rulers plus princes gada demsef, con go meet di king, dem yarn am sey, “King Darius, make you live forever.
  7. All di govnors of di kingdom, and di officials, plus di princes, di advisers, plus di commanders, don gada togeda to make one law wit strong word, sey any pesin wey pray to any God or man for di next thirty days, except to you oh king, we go throway am inside di joint of lions.
  8. Oh king, now we wan make you sign dis law, con write am down, so dat no pesin go fit change am—based-on di laws of di Medes and Persians, wey dem no fit change.”
  9. So king Darius sign di law plus di words.

Daniel For Inside Di Joint of Lions

10. Now wen Daniel hear sey dem don sign dis law, he go hin house (for hin room for upstairs) where di window open dey face Jerusalem. Hin keel down three times everi day, con pray. Naso he tank Baba-God just as he bin dey do before.

11. Naso dis men gada togeda, con go meet Daniel as he dey pray, and dey ask Baba-God for epp.

12. So dem go meet di king, con yarn di king about di law: “Abi you no sign law sey make no pesin pray to any god except di king—for di next thirty days—oh king, and any pesin wey pray to any god except you—we go throway am inside joint of lions?” Di king con ansa dem sey, “Di law dey stand—based-on di laws of di Medes and Persians, wey no fit change.”

13. Dem con tell di king sey, “Daniel wey be one of di men wey dem carry come from Judah—no-send you wey be di king, and he no gree for di law wey you don write. He still dey pray three times everi day.”

14. Wen di king hear dis tin, hin heart con worry am well-well; he make up hin mind to save Daniel, con try hin best to save am until evening reach.

15. Naso di men gada go meet di king, con tell am sey, “Oh king, remember sey based-on di laws of di Medes and Persians, no law  wey di king don sign fit change.”

16. So di king sey make hin men carry Daniel throway put for inside di joint of lions. Di king con tell Daniel sey, “Make your God wey you dey always serve save you!”

17. So dem carry stone, con use am take cover di door of where di lions dey, and di king use hin own ring take put seal for di stone, plus di seal of di rulers—so dat no pesin go fit change Daniel case.

Daniel Save From Di Lions

18. So di king go back to hin palace, and he no gree chop for night, and dem no play music for am to flex. Evensef, he no fit sleep.

19. Wen early mor-mor reach, di king stand up, con sharp-sharp go di joint of di lions.

20. Wen he reach near where di lions dey, he call Daniel wit voice wey no get joy, “Daniel wey be di servant of di God wey dey live, abi di God wey you dey always serve don save you from di lions?”

21. Daniel con ansa am, “Oh king, make you live forever!

22. My God don send hin angel, and he close di mouth of di lions. Dem no wound me, becos I get clean-heart for Baba-God eyes. And I neva do any wrong tin to you, oh king.”

23. Body sweet di king well-well, and he tok sey make dem carry Daniel komot from di joint of lions, and dem no see any scratch for hin body wen dem carry am komot from di lions, becos he trust hin God.

Darius Respect Baba-God

24. So di king tok sey make dem throway di men inside di joint of lions—di men wey set Daniel up, along wit dia wives plus all dia pikin. And before dem even reach ground for where di lions dey, di lions over pawa dem, con break all dia bones to pieces.

25. So king Darius write to all di pipo and nations, plus men of everi language wey dey for all di land: “Make una get peace yanfu-yanfu!

26. I don make law sey for everi part of my kingdom, pipo must fear—con respect di God of Daniel, becos nahin be di God wey dey alive, and he dey faithful forever; hin kingdom no go scata, and hin control no go ever end.

27. He dey save, and he dey rescue, he dey do signs plus wonders for inside di heavens and for di earth; and  he don save Daniel from di pawa of di lions.”

28. So e beta for Daniel wen Darius be king, and wen Cyrus be king of Persian.


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