Daniel Chapter 7

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Di Vision Of Di Four Animals

  1. For di first year of Belshazzar wey be di king of Babylon, Daniel con dream, and hin mind see visions as he dey lie down for hin bed. So he write wetin he see for he dream, con tok everitin wey he see.
  2. Daniel tok sey, “I see inside my vision for night, and di four strong-breeze of di heavens dey blow on top of di big-river.
  3. So four big animals come out from inside di big-river, and dem different from demsef.
  4. Di first one be like lion, but e get eagle feathers—I look am until di feathers pluck komot—and di animal raise up from ground—sote e con stand straight wit hin two legs like human being, and e con get di heart of man.
  5. I con see anoda big animal for my front, di second one wey be like bear, and e raise esef up go one side, and e get three ribs for hin mouth between e teeth. So I hear one voice wey dey tell am sey, “Stand up, con chop plenty meat!”
  6. “Afta dat I look, and I con see anoda animal—dis one resemble leopard, and e get four feathers for e back like bird. Dis animal get four heads, and dem give am pawa to rule.
  7. “Afta dat, inside my vision for night, I look, and I con see di fourth animal for my front—e bad well-well, e fit make pesin fear, and e get pawa well-well. E get big iron teeth. E dey chop, con break wetin he catch—to pieces, and e dey march di remaining wit e leg. Dis one different from di oda animals wey dey before am, and e get ten horns.
  8. “As I dey tink about di horns, I con see anoda horn for my front, small one wey grow among dem; and three of di first horn komot for am. Di horn get man eyes and mouth wey dey buga.

Di Vision Of Di God Wey Make Di Days

9. “I look until king-chairs set for ground, and di God of di Olden days sidon. Hin cloth white like snow; di hair for hin head be pure wool. Hin king-chair dey burn wit faya and di tyres of di king-chair dey burn wit faya.

10. River of faya dey flow, e dey flow from hin front. Thousands upon thousands [of angels] dey serve am, and ten thousand times ten thousands stand for hin front. Naso di court set for judgement and di books open.

11. So I kontinu to dey watch becos of di mouth wey di horn dey make. I kontinu to dey look until dem kill di animal, and dem scata e body put for inside faya.

12. As for di rest of di animals, dem collect dia pawa from dem, but dem allow dem live long small.

13. “Inside my vision for night, I look, and for my front I see pesin wey be like Man pikin dey come wit di clouds of heaven. He move go near di God of di Olden days, and dem carry am go meet am.

14. Naso Baba-God give am pawa, levels, plus kingdom; and all pipo, nations plus men of everi language must worship am. Hin control dey last forever, e no go pass komot, and hin kingdom no go ever scata.

Di Meaning of Di Dream

15. “Me Daniel, my spirit con dey disturb me, and di vision wey my mind see con dey disturb me.

16. I waka go meet one of those pipo wey stand for there, con ask am wetin all dis tins true-true mean. “So he tell me, con yarn me di meaning of dis tins:

17. Di four big animals na four kingdoms wey go rise from di earth.

18. But di holy-pipo of di Most High go claim di kingdom, and dem go claim am forever—yes, for ever and ever.’

19. “Den I wan know di true-true meaning of di fourth animal, wey different from all di odas and wey bad pass, wit iron teeth and sharp-fingers wey be bronze—wey chop pipo, break dem to pieces, con march wetin remain for ground.

20. I wan still know about di ten horns [kings] wey dey for e head, and about di oda horn wey come up, wey di oda three horns fall for e front; even di horn wey get eyes, plus mouth wey dey buga [tok anyhow], di horn wey big pass di big pass di odas.

21. As I dey watch, dis horn fight war against God-pipo and e dey win dem,

22. until di God of Olden days show-face, con give judgement wey favour di holy-pipo wey belong to di Most High, and di time reach for di holy-pipo to claim di kingdom.

23. “He explain tins to me like dis: ‘Di fourth animal na one fourth kingdom wey go raise from di earth. E go dey different from di oda kingdoms and e go chop di whole earth, e go march am for ground con break am to pieces.

24. And di ten horns na ten kings wey go come from dis kingdom. Afta dem, anoda king go rise wey different from di first ones, he go over pawa three kings.

25. He go tok against di Most High and he go oppress hin holy-pipo, con try to change di times plus di laws, and God-pipo go dey under hin pawa for three and half years.

26. ‘But di court go sidon, and dem go komot hin pawa from am, con scata kpatakpata forever.

27. Naso Baba-God go hand over all di control, pawa plus greatness of di kingdoms under di whole heaven—to hin holy-pipo, di pipo of di Most High.’

28. “Na dis be di end of di mata. Me, Daniel, my mind disturb me well-well, my face con dull, but I keep di mata to mysef.”


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