Proverbs (Pidgin Bible)

Daniel Chapter 8

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Daniel Vision of Ram And Goat

  1. For di third year of king Belshazzar, me Daniel, I see one vision, afta di one wey I first see.
  2. For inside my vision, I see mysef for di palace of Shushan for di territory of Elam. For di vison, I dey near di river of Ulai.
  3. I look up and I see for my front, one ram wey get two horns, e stand near di river, and di horns long well-well. One of di horns long pass di oda one, and di one wey long pass nahin grow last.
  4.  I watch di ram as e dey ginger wit pawa go di west, di north and south. No animal fit stand against am, and no pesin fit save anytin from e pawa. He do anytin wey he like and e con be ogbonge.
  5. As I dey tink about dis tin, naso one he-goat (Greece) wit big horn (Alexander di great) between e eyes, come from di west, e cross di whole earth wit-out touching ground.
  6. E con face di ram wit two horns wey I bin see dey stand near di river, e con rush go meet am wit pawa as he dey vex.
  7. I see am dey fight di ram, he vex for am, he attack di ram, con break e two horns. Di ram no get pawa to fight am; di he-goat nack am for ground, con march am, and no pesin fit save di ram from e hand.
  8. Di goat con get pawa well-well, but wen e pawa don reach high level, di big horn con break komot, naso four big horns grow for di place, con face di four strong-breeze of heaven.
  9. One small horn con grow from inside one of di first horn. E con grow well-well face di south, di east, and face di fine land.
  10. E grow until e reach where di star dey for sky, e con throw some of di stars come down to di earth and e march dem.
  11. Naso e con set esef as great prince of di stars; e carry di daily sacrifice komot from am, and e bring di holy place come down.
  12. Becos of disobedience, di army go fall enta di hand of di horn along wit di sacrifice wey dem dey always give everi day; and e go throway truth for ground. Di horn go do wetin e like and e go succeed.
  13. I con hear one holy-pesin dey tok, and anoda holy-pesin con tell am sey, “How long e go take for dis vision to happun finish—about di daily sacrifice, and di sin wey cos di scata-scata, and how long dem go march di holy-place plus di army?”
  14. He con tell me sey, “E go take 2,300 days, naso di holy place go holy again.”

Gabriel Tok Di Meaning of Di Vision

15. As me Daniel dey see di vision and as I dey try to understand am, naso one pesin come stand for my front wey be like human being.

16. I con hear human being voice from di water-side of Ulai, wey dey tok sey, “Gabriel, tell dis man di meaning of di vision.”

17. As he come near di place wey I dey stand put, I con dey shake, so I kneel down. Naso he tell me sey, “Man pikin, understand sey na di vision about di end be dis.”

18. As he dey follow me tok, I dey inside deep sleep, wit my face for ground. Naso he touch me, con make me stand up.

19. He tok sey: “I go tell you wetin go happun wen time don dey end, wen Baba-God don choose to show hin vex.

20. Di ram wey get two horns wey you see so, dey represent di king of Media and Persia.

21. Di jagajaga goat na di king of Greece, and di big horn wey dey between hin eyes na di first king.

22. Di four horns wey replace di one wey break komot, represent di four kingdoms wey go rise from hin nation, but dem no go get di same pawa reach di first one.

23. Lata-lata as dem be king, wen di cup of dis rulers don full, one king go rise, king wey no dey smile, and wey dem no fit trust.

24. He go strong well-well, but no be by hin own pawa. He go cos serious scata-scata, and he go succeed, con dey do anytin wey he like. He go scata strong men plus di holy pipo.

25. And he go use hin mago-mago take make wayo burku as he dey rule, and he go dey feel-big for inside hin heart. He go scata plenty pipo as dem dey chill. He go even raise against di Prince of princes, but he go fall, no be man go fall am (but he go fall by Baba-God hand).

26. “And di visions of di evenings and mornings wey you don hear—na true, but close di vision, becos na about many day for future.”

27. Naso me, Daniel, con taya, con dey sick for some days. Lata, I stand up, con dey do di king business. Di vision shock me; but no pesin fit understand am.


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