Daniel Chapter 9

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Di Prayer of Daniel For Di Pipo

  1. For di first year of Darius wey be di son of Xeres, wey get Medes blood, con be di ruler of Babylon kingdom [Chaldea].
  2. For di first year as he be king, me Daniel, understand di holy-books, based-on Baba-God word wey he tell Jeremiah di prophet, sey Jerusalem go empty for seventy years.
  3. So I turn face Baba-God con beg wit prayers and asking, fasting, sackcloth plus ashes.
  4. I pray to Baba-God my Oga, and I tok sey: “Oh Baba-God, di ogbonge and wonderful God, wey dey keep hin agreement of love wit all di pipo wey love am and wey dey do hin law.
  5. We don sin, and we don do bad-bad-tins. We don do wicked tin and we no gree obey you; we don turn komot from di tins wey you tell us to do plus your laws.
  6. We no gree listen to your servants di prophets, wey follow di kings tok wit your name—even wit di princes, awa ancestors, and to all di pipo of di land.
  7. “Oh Baba-God, you get clean-heart, but shame don cover us today, both di men of Judah plus Jerusalem, and all di pipo of Israel, both di ones wey dey far or near, and for all di kontris wey you scata us go becose we don turn komot from you.
  8. Oh Baba-God, shame don cover awa face, plus awa kings, awa princes, and papa; becos we don sin against you.
  9. Baba-God awa Oga dey sorry-for pesin and he dey forgive, even though we turn komot from am;
  10. We neva obey di voice of Baba-God awa Oga, or keep di laws wey he give us tru hin servants di prophets.
  11. All di pipo of Israel don break your law, and dem don turn komot. Dem no gree obey your voice. So di curses don pour on us, plus di oath wey dem write inside di law of Moses wey be Baba-God servant, becos we don sin against Am.
  12. You don do di words wey dem prophesy against us and against awa rulers, by putting serious kasala on us. Notin like dis don ever happun under di heaven—like wetin happun for Jerusalem.
  13. Just as dem write am for di law of Moses, naso all dis evil tins take happun to us; upon dat, we neva fyne still pray to Baba-God, so dat we go fit komot hands from awa bad-bad-tins, con understand your truth.
  14. Baba-God no waste time to bring dis kasala on us, becos Baba-God awa Oga get clean-heart for everitin wey he dey do; but we still no gree obey am.
  15. “Now oh Baba-God wa Oga, wey carry hin pipo komto from di land Egypt wit strong hand, and wey make big-name for hinsef, name wey dey last till today; we don commit sin. We don do wicked tins.
  16. Oh Baba-God, based-on all di good tins wey you dey do, stop to dey vex for us, and stop to dey vex for Jerusalem, your city, your holy mountain; becos awa sins, plus di bad-bad-tins wey awa papa-papa-papa don do, wey don make Jerusalem turn to wetin all di pipo wey dey around us con dey yab.
  17. “Now, oh Baba-God, hear di prayer of your servant [Daniel], and hear wetin he dey beg for. Oh Baba-God, make your face shine on your holy place wey don scata—becos of your Name.
  18. Listen, oh Baba-God, open your eyes make you see di scata-scata for di city wey dem dey call wit your name. We no dey pray to you becos we get clean-heart, but na becos you dey sorry-for pesin well-well.
  19. Oh Baba-God, listen! Oh Baba-God forgive! Oh Baba-God, hear and make you do sometin! Oh Baba-God, sake of you, no waste time, becos your city and your pipo wey dem dey call wit your Name.”

Di Prophecy Of Di Seventy Weeks

20.  As I dey tok and pray, and I dey confess my sins, plus di sins of my pipo Israel, and as I dey beg Baba-God my Oga for epp—for hin front, about di holy mountain of my God—

21. As I still dey pray, Gabriel, di man wey I bin see for my vision before, come meet me sharply around di time of di evening sacrifice.

22. He give me order, con tell me sey, “Oh Daniel, I don come to make you sabi tins and to give you understanding.

23. As you just start to dey pray, Baba-God release ansa for you wey I don come give you, becos you get levels and Baba-God love you well-well. So reason di message and make you understand di vision:

24. “Seventy weeks [of years, or 490 years] nahin Baba-God don sign, for your pipo and your holy city, to finish di wrong tin wey dem dey do, to end di sins, to clean di wickedness, to bring everlasting righteousness, to seal di vision plus prophecy, and to anoint di Most Holy Place.

25. “Know and understand dis tin: From di time of di law to build Jerusalem again to di level wey e bin dey before—until di pesin wey Baba-God choose as prince don show-face [di anointed one or Messiah], e go be seventy weeks [of years] plus sixty-two weeks [of years]; and dem go build di streets again, plus di wall, even for di time of wahala.

26. Afta di sixty two weeks [of years], dem go kill di leader wey Baba-God choose and he no go get anytin. Di army of di strong rulers wey go raise up, go scata di city plus di holy-place. Di end go come wit big-water, and war go dey till di end, just as Baba-God don decide.

27. He go confam di agreement wit many pipo for one week [seven years], but for di middle of di week, he go stop di sacrifice plus seed offering [for di remaining three and half years]. Den on top of everitin, he go set up di tufiakwa wey dey cos scata-scata for inside di worship-place. And e go dey for there until di time wey Baba-God decide to scata di one wey dey scata pipo.


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