Hosea Chapter 1

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  Hosea Wife Plus Pikins

  1. Dis na Baba-God word wey come meet Hosea wey be di son of Beeri—wen king Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz plus Hezekiah be king of Judah, and wen Jeroboam wey be di son of Jehoash be di king of Israel:
  2. Wen Baba-God start to tok tru Hosea, he tell Hosea sey, “Go marry ashawo wife, and make una born pikin, becos di land don turn to ashawo as dem turn komot from Baba-God.”
  3. So Hosea go marry one woman wey dem dey call Gomer wey be di daughter of Diblaim. She con get-belle, and she born baby-boy.
  4. Baba-God con tell Hosea sey, “Give di pikin name—Jezreel, becos e no go tey wen I go punish di house of Jehu for di blood of Jezreel, and I go end di kingdom of Israel.
  5. And e go happun on dat day sey, I go break di weapons of Israel for bottom-of-di-mountain wey dem dey call Jezreel.
  6. Gomer con get di second pikin—dis time na baby-girl. Naso Baba-God tell Hosea sey, “Give her di name—‘Lo-ruhamah,’ becos I no go sorry-for di house of Israel again, but I go pursue dem komot kpatakpata.
  7. But I go sorry-for di pipo of Judah. Me—Baba-God dia Oga, go save dem, but no be by war—wit swords, or bows plus arrows, or wit horses plus horse-riders.”
  8. Afta Gomer stop her daughter from sucking breast, she get belle again, con born anoda baby-boy.
  9. Baba-God con tell Hosea sey, “Call am di name—‘Lo-ammi,’ becos di pipo of Israel no be my pipo and I no be dia God.”

Israel Go Come Back

10. But di pipo of Israel go be like sand-sand for beach, sote dem no fit count dem or numba dem. And e go happun sey, for di place  wey Baba-God dey tell dem sey, “Una no be my pipo,” but na for there he go tell dem sey, “Una be di pikin of di God wey dey alive.”

11. Naso di pipo of Judah plus di pipo of Israel go come togeda again, dem go choose one leader, and dem go come out of di land: becos di day of Jezreel go great.


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