Hosea Chapter 10

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Israel Sin and As Dem Take Carry Her As Prisoner

  1. Israel dey harvest e beta vine tree, he dey produce fruit for hinsef. Di more e dey produce, di more shrine he con dey get; and as di land dey prosper, dem con dey make images wey fine more-more.
  2. Dia hearts no dey stay for one place; now dem must carry dia sins. Baba-God go break dia altars for ground, con scata dia images.
  3. Surely, now, dem go tok sey, “We no get king, becos we no dey fear Baba-God. Wetin king fit do for us?”
  4. Dem dey tok ordinary words; dem dey make agreement wit fake oaths. So dia judgement dey come like grass wey get poison for di land wey dem don set for farm.
  5. Di pipo of Samaria go fear for di idol for Bethaven wey resemble small-malu, and dem go cry for am. Dia priests of di idols go cry for am, becos e levels don komot.
  6. Dem go carry dia idol go Assyria, as gift for king Jareb. Dem go laff Ephraim and shame go catch Israel, becos of di advice wey dem follow.
  7. As for Samaria, her king go cut komot like wood wey dey float for water.
  8. And di idol shrines of Aven, di place of Israel sin—go scata. Shuuku-shuuku and wild flowers go grow for dia altars. Naso dem go beg di mountains sey, “Cover us joor!” and dem go beg di hills sey, “Abeg fall on us!”
  9. Baba-God tok sey, “Oh Israel, una don dey commit sin since di days of Gibeah, and na for there dem dey stand dey! Una neva do any beta tin in any way. Abi e no good sey dem attack di wicked men of Gibeah?
  10. Now I go punish dem any time I like. I go call di armies of di nations against dem—to tie dem wit chains becos of dia sin wey don double [dem turn against Baba-God and dem worship idols].
  11. Ephraim be like malu wey dem train to work [to harvest di seed of corn or wheat] for farm. Dis [na simple] work wey he like to do, but I go put heavy wood on top of her fresh neck—to make am drag load like malu [hard work]. I go drive Ephraim like donkey. I Judah to work dig tool for digging ground—like malu, and Jacob to break di strong ground.”
  12. I tok sey, ‘Make una plant seed of goodness for unasef, and make una harvest inside mercy. Make una dig una hard ground of una heart wey una neva plant, becos na dis be di time to fyne Baba-God, so dat he go come, con pour goodness on una like rain.’
  13. But una don dig wickedness, and una don harvest sins. Una don chop di fruit of lie-lie—una trust una army becos dem strong, una trust una own way, con trust una plenty sojas.
  14. Now katakata go rise among una pipo. All una strong walls go fall, just like wen Shalman scata Beth-arbel for di day of war. Dem nack mama plus pikin scata to pieces.
  15. Naso dem go do una, oh Bethel, becos una wicked well-well. Wen morning reach, di king of Israel go scata kpatakpata.


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