Hosea Chapter 11

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I Call My Pikin From Egypt

  1. Wen Israel be small pikin, I love am, and I call my son komot from Egypt.
  2. But di more I dey call am, di more he dey komot from me, con dey give sacrifice to di image of Baal, and he dey burn incense to idols.
  3. Na me mysef teach Ephraim how to waka, and I hold hin hand to waka. But he no know—or even care sey na me take care of am.
  4. I carry Israel waka wit my ropes of goodness plus love. I carry di heavy load from hin neck, and me bend down to feed dem.
  5. He no go back to Egypt, but Assyria go be dia king, since dem no gree turn follow me.
  6. War go surround dia cities, and e go scata dia branches, con swallow dem, becos dem follow dia own plan.
  7. My pipo don zero dia mind to fashi me; even though dem dey call me di Most High, but dem no really dey respect me.

Baba-God Dey Sorry-for Israel

8. “Oh Ephraim, how I go take leave una? How I go take let una go, oh Israel? How I go take scata una like Admah, or scata una like Zebpoim? My heart dey feel pain inside me, and my heart dey sorry-for una.

9. No I no go vex seriously. I no go turn to scata Ephraim; becos I be Baba-God and I no be ordinary man. Na me be di Holy One wey dey live among una, and I no go come to scata una city.

10. Dem go follow Baba-God. He go halla like lion. And wen I halla, my pipo go come back from di west—wit fear.

11. Like birds wey dey fly, naso dem go come back from Egypt, and dem go fear like dove—con come from di land of Assyria. And I go carry dem come back to dia house again,” naso Baba-God tok.

12. Ephraim dey surround me wit lie-lie, and di house of Israel surround me wit wuru-wuru, but Judah still dey obey Baba-God, and he dey faithful wit di holy-pipo.


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