Hosea Chapter 12

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Baba-God Change-am-for Ephraim, Judah, plus Jacob

  1. Ephraim dey pursue breeze, and he pursue di east breeze; day by day, he dey lie more-more and na scata-scata full hi hand; he dey make agreement wit Assyria, con send ororo go Egypt (becos dem wan try to be Egypt padi).
  2. Baba-God get mata against Judah. He go punish Jacob for hin ways, he go punish am based-on wetin he don do.
  3. He hold hin broda leg for inside hin mama belle, and he fight wit Baba-God wit hin pawa.
  4. Yes, he fight wit angel and he win; he cry and he ask for hin favour. And na for Bethel Baba-God take meet awa ancestor Jacob, con follow am tok for there;
  5. Even Baba-God wey be God Almighty. Baba-God na hin name.
  6. But you must go back to your God, to show love and give justice, and always trust your God.
  7. But he be market-pesin wey dey use mago-mago measurement; and wey love to oppress pipo.
  8. And Ephraim dey make-mouth sey: “See as I don rich reach! I don make moni for mysef. Dem no fit see any error wey I take commit any sin—for inside all my work.”
  9. But na me be Baba-God, una Oga, ever since di land of Egypt. I go make una stay for tents again, just like di days of una holy festivals.
  10. I tok tru di prophets, con give dem plenty visions; I give parables tru di prophets.
  11. Abi sin dey for inside Gilead? Dem go surely end up as notin. Abi dem dey sacrifice malu for Gigal? Dia altars go true-true scata like stones wey scata for open field.
  12. Jacob run go di land of Syria, and Israel work as servant go get wife—he take care of sheep to get wife.
  13. But Baba-God use prophet take carry Israel komot from Egypt, and he use prophet take save dem.
  14. Ephraim don make me vex well-well, so Baba-God go make am use hin head take carry di blood wey he don shed, con carry hin shame put on am.


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