Hosea Chapter 13

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Ephraim Levels Don Komot

  1. Wen Ephraim tok, everi where dey shake; he bin get levels for Israel. But di pipo of Ephraim commit sin by worshipping Baal [idols], naso dem con dey kpeme.
  2. Now dem dey sin more-more, con make image wey dem cast wit silver. Dem design idols wit dia hand; all of dem na di work of artist. Pipo dey tok about dem sey, “Make di men wey dey sacrifice kiss di idol wey be like small-malu (to show respect)!”
  3. So dem go be like di morning cloud, like di dews for early mor-mor wey dey pass komot. Dem go be like chaff wey dem blow komot from di harvest ground, like smoke wey dey blow komot from window wey open.

Baba-God Dey Vex

4. But na me be Baba-God wey be una Oga—ever since di land of Egypt; and make una no get any oda God apart from me, becos no god dey save apart from me.

5. I know una for inside desert, for land wey water no dey.

6. Wen dem con get green-land, naso dem belleful, dia hearts con dey feel-big, nahin make dem fashi me.

7. So I go attack dem like lion; I go hide like leopard for corner of dia road.

8. I go attack dem like bear wey dem tiff e pikin, and I go tear dia chest open. I go chop dem fast-fast like lion for there—just as wild animal go take tear dem to pieces.

Baba-God Mercy

9. Oh Israel, una don scata unasef, but na me fit epp una.

10. I go be una king; where any oda king wey fit save una for all una cities, and di rulers wey una tok about sey, “Give us king and princes”?

11. So I give una king as I dey vex, and I carry am komot as I dey vex.

12. Di sins of Ephraim don gada; hin sins dey for store.

13. Di pain wey go dey on am be like di pain of woman wey wan born: na pikin wey no-get-sense, wen time reach for hin mama to born am, he no gree komot from hin mama belle!

14. Abi I go save dem from di pawa of grave; abi I go save dem from death. Oh death, where your disease? Oh grave, where your teeth? I no go sorry-for dis pipo again wen I look dem [becos dem no gree repent].

Judgement of Samaria

15. Even though he dey shine among hin brodas, one breeze [Assyria] from di east go show-face—breeze from Baba-God, wey go raise from di desert. Hin water wey dey flow go stop, and hin water dey dey komot from ground go dry. Breeze go blow all hin beta-beta-tins komot.

16. Di pipo of Samaria must carry dia sins for dia head, becos dem don turn komot from Baba-God. Na sword go kill dem; dem go tear dia small-small pikin to pieces, and dem go tear di belle of dia women wey get-belle.


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