Hosea Chapter 14

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Message For Dem To Repent

  1. Oh, Israel, make una come back to una God, becos una sins don make una fall yakata.
  2. Bring your words of confession, and turn back to Baba-God. Tell am sey, “Carry all di sins komot, so dat we go fit praise you wit awa lips.
  3. Assyria no go save us; we no go ride horses for war; and we no go ever tell di idols wey we make wit awa hand, sey, ‘Na you be awa God.’ Na you dey sorry-for pipo wey no get papa and mama.”

Di Promise of Baba-God Blessing

4. I go heal dem as dem turn komot from me; I go love dem wit free mind, becos my vex don turn komot from dem.

5. I go be like dews to Israel; he go grow like lily flower; hin root go grow enta ground well-well like di cedar trees of Lebanon;

6. Hin branches go spread out; he go fine like di olive trees, and he go dey scent like di cedars of Babylon.

7. My pipo go live under e shade again, and dem go grow like corn, con grow like grape-farm. And dia scent go be like di wine of Lebanon.

8. “Ephraim go tok sey, ‘Wetin I still dey do wit idols? Na me dey ansa una prayers, and I care about una. I be like green cypress tree; all una fruits dey for my body.”

9. Who wise? Make he understand dis tins. Who get-sense?—make he sabi dis tins. Baba-God ways na correct ways; beta pipo go waka for di ways, but sinners dey fall yakata for inside those ways.


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