Hosea Chapter 2

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Baba-God Punish Hin Pipo Wey No Wan Gree For Am

  1. Tell your brodas sey, “Una be my pipo,’ con tell your sistas sey, “Baba-God don sorry-for you.”
  2. Change-am-for your mama Israel, change-am-for her, becos she no be my wife, and I no be her husband. Make she komot di ashawo make-up from her face, and make she no let anoda man suck her breasts;
  3. Or else I go komot her clothes, con make her naked like di day wey dem born her. I go make her be like desert, con turn her to dry ground, I go make I die becos she no see water drink.
  4. I no go sorry-for her pikins, becos dem be di pikin of ashawo.
  5. Dia mama turn to ashawo, and she carry dia belle wit disgrace. She bin tink sey, ‘I go follow my boyfriends (lovers) wey go give me food and water, clothes plus linen wrapper, and ororo plus wine.’
  6. See, I go block her road wit shuuku-shuuku; I go cover her wit wall, sote she no go fit see road.
  7. She go run follow her lovers [boyfriends], but she no go fit catch dem; she go fyne dem but she no go see dem. Naso she go tok sey, ‘I go go back to my first husband, life bin beta for me dat time—pass now.’
  8. But she no sabi sey na me bin dey give her food, wine, plus ororo, and wey dey give her plenty silver plus gold—wey dem con use take make idol for Baal.
  9. So I go hold back my food for harvest time, and my new wine for e season; I go collect my cloth and linen wrapper from dem, wey I bin give her to cover her body.
  10. And I go naked her for front of her lovers, and no pesin go fit save her from my hands.
  11. I go stop all her celebrations: her festivals everi year, new moon festival, and Sabbaths, plus all her festivals.
  12. I go scata her vine trees plus her fig trees, wey she tink sey na her pay wey my boyfriends [lovers] give me. So I go turn dem to forest, and wild animals go chop dem.
  13. I go punish her for di days wen she burn incense to di images of Baals, wen she baffup wit earrings and jewelry, con dey follow her boyfriends [lovers]. But she fashi me,” naso Baba-God tok.

Baba-God Dey Sorry-for Israel

14. So I go drag her come back again like magnet, I go carry her enta di desert, con sofri follow her tok.

15. I go give her back her grape-farms for there, con turn bottom-of-di-mountain wey dem dey call Achor—to gates of hope. She go sing for there, as she bin dey sing before-before wen she small, just like di days wen she komot from Egypt.

16. Baba-God tok sey, “On dat day, you go call me, ‘My husband husband,’ and you no go call me, ‘My Oga,’ again.

17. Becos I go komot di name of Baals from her lips, dem no go call di names of Baals again.

18. On dat day, I go make agreement wit dem, wit di animals of di land, plus di birds wey dey fly for sky, and di animals wey dey crawl for ground—so dat dem no go wound una. Naso I go break di bows and swords, and di weapons wey dem take dey fight war for di earth, and I go make dem lie down wit peace.

19. So I go marry you forever; I go marry you inside goodness plus justice, soft-love, plus mercy;

20. I go marry you inside faithfulness, and you go sabi sey na me be Baba-God.”

21. “On dat day I go ansa,” naso Baba-God tok, “I go ansa di sky as e dey cry for clouds of water, and di sky go ansa di earth wit rain.

22. Naso di earth go ansa wit corn [food], wine, ororo. And demsef go ansa Jezreel.

23. And I go plant her as my own for di land. I go sorry-for her wey I no bin sorry-for; and I go tell those pipo wey no be my pipo, sey, ‘Una be my pipo!’ And dem go tell me sey, “You be awa God.”


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