Hosea Chapter 4

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        Baba-God Mata Against Hin Pipo

  1. Hear Baba-God word, oh pipo of Israel, becos Baba-God get mata against di pipo of di land: “Truth no dey, mercy no dey, and pipo no sabi Baba-God word for di land!
  2. Na only cursing dey, plus lie-lie, killing, tiff-tiff, and pipo dey sleep outside dia marriage anyhow; dem don cut-chain, and killing upon killing nahin dey.
  3. So di land dey cry, and all di pipo wey dey live for di land go waste komot; wit di animals for di land, and di birds wey dey fly for sky; yes, even di fishes wey dey for inside big-river go komot.
  4. No point your finger to anoda pesin, con dey try to blame odas! Una pipo be like those wey dey kwanta wit priest.
  5. Una go fall for afta-noon, and di prophets go fall wit una for night; so I go scata Israel wey be your mama.
  6. My pipo dey scata becos dem no sabi any tin [dem be olodo]. Since una don fashi knowledge, me sef no go gree accept una as my priest. Since una don forget di Baba-God laws, I go forget to bless una pikin sef.
  7. Di more priests dey, di more dem dey sin against me. So I go change dia levels to shame.
  8. Di priests dey chop wen my pipo dey bring dia sin offerings. So di priests dey happy wen my pipo commit sin!
  9. And di pipo dey copy di priests, so dem go get di same judgement. So I go punish dem for dia ways, con pay dem for all di bad-bad-tins wey dem dey do.’
  10. Dem go chop, but dem no go belleful. Dem go sell demsef like ashawo but dem no go gain anytin from am, becos dem don stop to dey obey Baba-God,

As Israel Take Follow Oda Gods

11. con dey do ashawo [follow oda gods], ogogoro, plus new wine—no let pipo see road to understand.

12. Dem dey ask advice from ordinary idol wey dem make wit wood! Dem believe sey stick fit tell dem wetin go happun! Di spirit of olosho [ashawo] don carry dem waka miss-road. Dem don turn to ashawo, con fashi dia own God.

13. Dem dey give sacrifices to idols for on top of mountain. Dem dey climb hills to burn incense, under oak trees, poplar trees, and terebinth trees—becos dia shade good. Nahin make una daughters turn to ashawo, and una wives dey follow oda men.

14. I no go punish una daughters wen dem turn to ashawo, or punish una wives wen dem follow oda men; becos even di men dey do di same tin, dem dey sleep wit olosho and dem dey sacrifice wit ashawo for shrines. Oh mumu pipo! Una no wan gree understand, so una go scata.

15. “Even though Israel na ashawo, make Judah no commit dat kain sins. Make una no join di fake worship for Gilgal or Beth-aven, and make una no take oath for there wit Baba-God name.

16. Israel get coconut-head, like stubborn malu. How Baba-God go con take feed her like lamb for big open land?

17. Ephraim don gum-body wit idols, leave am joor.

18. Wen dem don drink finish, naso dem go fyne olosho. Dia rulers like shame well-well.

19. So strong-breeze go sweep dem komot. Di sacrifice wey dem dey give dia idols go make shame catch dem.


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