Hosea Chapter 5

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  1. “Una wey be priests, make una hear dis words. Listen well-well, house of Israel. Listen, una wey be from di king family. Baba-God don send judgement against una. Una don carry di pipo enta trap—by worshipping idols for Mizpah and Tabor.
  2. Di pipo wey dey turn against Baba-God don dey kill well-well, but I go punish all of dem.
  3. I know Ephraim, and Israel no fit hide from me. For now, oh Ephraim, una don turn to ashawo; and Israel don corrupt.
  4. Wetin una dey do no fit let una turn back to una God; becos di spirit of olosho dey among dem, and dem no sabi Baba-God.
  5. And di way Isreal dey carry shoulder, na evidence against am; so Isreal plus Ephraim go fall under di load of dia sin. Even Judah go fall wit dem.
  6. Wen dem come wit dia sheep and malu to give sacrifices to Baba-God, dem no go see am, becos he don shift go back from dem.
  7. Dem no dey faithful to Baba-God, dem dey born pikin wey no belong to am. Na for di new moon festival—dem wit dia land go scata.
  8. Sound di alarm for Gibeah! Blow di trumpet for Ramah! Raise di shout of war for Beth-aven! Look your back, oh Benjamin!
  9. I don tok wetin go surely happun among di house of Israel: Ephraim go turn to scata-scata on di day of punishment.
  10. “Di leaders of Judah be like pipo wey dey komot stone wey dem don set as boundary of land. So I go pour my vex on dem like water.
  11. I don nack di pipo of Israel and dem don break down inside my judgement, becos dem zero dia mind to follow di ways of men [to follow yeye tins and tins of di world].
  12. I go scata Israel just as moth (insect) take dey chop cloth, and I go be like sometin wey dey rotten for dem.
  13. “Wen Ephraim see hin sickness, and Judah see hin wound, naso Ephraim turn go meet Assyria, con send message to king Jareb, but he no fit heal you or cure am your wound.
  14. I go be like lion to Ephraim, and I go be like young lion to Judah. I go tear dem to pieces, con komot; I go carry dem komot, and no pesin go fit save dem.
  15. Naso I go go back to my place until dem agree sey dem don do bad, con turn to fyne my face; dem go seriously dey fyne me from inside dia wahala.”


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