Hosea Chapter 7

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Ephraim Sin

  1. Wen I heal Israel, di sin of Ephraim go come out, and even di bad-bad-tins wey Samaria don do. Dem turn to 419, and tiff-tiff; bad-men con dey raid di streets.
  2. But dem no gree reason for inside dia hearts, sey I no go forget all dia evil. Now all di tins wey dem don do dey surround dem; I dey see dem.
  3. Dem dey make di king gbadun dia evil ways, and di prince dey laff as dem dey lie.
  4. All of dem dey sleep outside dia marriage. Dem be like oven wey di baker don make hot—con stop to dey turn di faya from wen mix di flour, until e rise.
  5. On di day of di festival of awa king, di princes dey high wit bottles of ogogoro, and he join hand wit pipo wey dey tok any how.
  6. Dem don make dia hearts ready like oven, as dem dey wait codedly; dia baker dey sleep tru-out di night; e dey burn for morning like faya wey dey raise.
  7. All of dem dey vex like hot like oven—sote dem dey kill dia rulers. All dia kings dey fall; no single one of dem dey pray to me.
  8. Ephraim don mix wit di nations; Ephraim be like cake wey dem no turn di oda side make e done.
  9. Foreigners don finish hin pawa, but he no dey even dey notice am. Even hin hair don dey white, but e no even know.
  10. Di way Israel dey feel-big na evidence against dem, but dem still no gree turn to follow Baba-God; upon all dis tins, dem still no gree fyne am.
  11. So Ephraim don be like mumu dove wey no-get-sense—as dem dey call Egypt, and dem dey turn go meet Assyria.
  12. As dem dey go, I go spread my net take cover dem; I go bring dem down like birds wey dey fly for sky. I go punish dem—just as dem bin hear sey I go do.
  13. Wahala for dem, becos dem don fashi me! Scata-scata for dem, becos dem don turn komot from me! Even though I for like save dem, but dem dey tok lie against me.
  14. Dem no dey pray to me from dia hearts wen dem dey cry on top of dia beds. Dem dey gada togeda for corn (food) and new wine, and dem don turn against me.
  15. Even though I train dem, con make dem strong, but dem dey plan evil against me.
  16. Dem turn, but dem no turn to look di Most High. Dem useless like bow wey no good. Dia enemies go kill dia leaders becos dem dey do any how for me. Naso di pipo of Egypt go con dey laff dem.


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