Hosea Chapter 6

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Israel plus Judah No Gree Change

  1. Come make we go back to Baba-God. Becos he don tear us to pieces, but he go heal us; he don wound us, but he go treat awa wounds.
  2. Afta two days, he go ginger us; he go raise us up on di third day, so dat we go fit live for hin front.
  3. So make we sabi Baba-God, make we try to sabi Baba-God more-more. Just as e sure sey di sun go rise, naso he go show-face to us; he go come meet us like rain, like di first and last rain wey dey water di earth.
  4. Wetin I go do wit una, oh Ephraim? Wetin I go do wit una, oh Judah? Becos una love for me dey fade fast like cloud for morning or dew for morning.
  5. So I cut una to pieces wit my prophets, I kill una wit di words wey I yarn, and di judgement shine on una like sun light.
  6. Na mercy I need—no be sacrifice; na knowledge of Baba-God I need—pass una burnt offerings.
  7. But like men, dem don break di agreement, and dem don turn against me for there.
  8. Gilead na city wit pipo wey dey do evil tins, and e don corrupt wit blood.
  9. As arm robbers take dey hide dey wait for pesin wey dem go rob, naso dia priests dey gada togeda. Dem dey kill pipo wey dey travel go Shechem, and dem don do bad-bad-tins.
  10. I don see wor-wor tins for inside di house of Israel: Ephraim turn to ashawo for there [dem worship idols], and Israel don corrupt.
  11. As for you, oh Judah, I don choose harvest (punishment) for una, wen I carry my pipo come back from foreign land wey enemy catch dem go.


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