Hosea Chapter 8

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Israel Go Harvest Rolling-breeze

  1. “Sound di alarm! Di enemy dey come down like eagle on Baba-God pipo, becos dem don break my agreement, and dem don turn from my law.
  2. Now Israel go beg me sey, ‘Awa God, we know you!’
  3. Di pipo of Israel don fashi beta tin, and now dia enemies go pursue dem.
  4. Di pipo choose king wit-out asking me, and dem choose princes wit-out asking me. Dem make idols for demsef wit dia silver and dia gold, dem don scata demsef wit dia own hand.
  5. Oh Samaria, I don reject di small-malu—dis idol wey una don make. I dey vex for dem like faya. How long e go take una to get clean-heart?
  6. Dis idol (small-malu wey dem mold) wey una worship, oh Israel, na una hand make am! No be Baba-God! So di idol (small-malu wey dem cast) of Samaria must scata to pieces.
  7. Dem don plant breeze, and dem go harvest rolling-breeze. No seed dey grow for di branch, e no go fit produce fruit. And even if e get fruit, na foreigners go swallow am.
  8. Dem don swallow di pipo of Israel; dem don scata among di nations—like old container wey dem don throway.
  9. Like wild donkey wey dey waka alone, dem don go Assyria. Di pipo of Israel don pay plenty kontris to support dem (dem pay plenty lovers).
  10. Even though dem pay nations to support dem, I go gada dem togeda con punish dem. Naso dem go suffer small becos di oppression of di king of princes [di king of Assyria].
  11. Even though Ephraim don build plenty altars for sin offerings, dem don turn di altar to place where dem dey commit sin!
  12. Even though I bin give dem all my laws, dem dey behave like sey those laws no dey affect dem.
  13. Di pipo like to dey give sacrifices to me, and to dey chop di meat, but I no gree accept dia sacrifices. I go remember dia wickedness, con go punish dem for dia sins: dem go go back to Egypt.
  14. Israel don forget who make am, and dem don build worship-place, and Judah don make e cities strong wit walls. So I go send faya put for di cities, and I go burn dia palaces.”


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