Hosea Chapter 9

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Hosea Tok About Israel Punishment

  1. Make una no dey happy, oh Israel, like di happiness of oda pipo, becos una don turn to olosho, con turn komot from Baba-God. Una love di salary of ashawo work for everi harvest ground [by praising Baal for una harvest instead of Baba-God].
  2. Di harvest ground plus di wine-factory no go feed dem, and di new wine go go dey for her.
  3. Dem no go stay for Baba-God land, but Ephraim go go back to Egypt, and dem go chop food wey no clean for Assyria.
  4. Dem no go give drink offerings to Baba-God, and he no go gbadun dia sacrifice. E go be like burial food to dem; everi pesin wey chop am go corrupt. Dem fit chop dis food for demsef, but make dem no give am to Baba-God.
  5. Wetin you go con do on di day of festival? How you go take keep Baba-God festival?
  6. Dem don true-true komot becos of scata-scata. Egypt go gada dem; Memphis go burry dem. Nettles [wild flowers] go grow for di fine places of dia silver; shuuku-shuuku go grow for dia houses.
  7. Di days of punishment don show; di days of judgement don land. Israel go know! Di prophet na mumu, di spiritual man don mad, becos of how una sins plenty reach, and becos of una serious badbelle.
  8. Di prophet na watchman of Israel for my God, but dem dey set trap for am any where he go. Dem dey change-am-for am—even for inside di house of hin God.
  9. Dem don corrupt demsef well-well just like di days of Gibeah. So he go remember dia sins, and  he go punish dem for di bad-bad-tins wey dem don do.
  10. Wen I first see Israel, e be like sey pesin see fresh grape for inside desert. Wen I see una ancestors, e be like wen pesin see di first ripe fig fruits of di season. But dem fashi me for Bal-Peor, and dem separate demsef to dat shame; dem turn to tufiakwa like di tin wey dem love.
  11. As for Ephraim, dia levels go fly komot like bird—no pesin go born pikin, no pesin go get-belle, and no pesin go carry pikin.
  12. Even though dem train dia pikin, I go kill all of dem, and dem go cry becos no single man remain. Yes, wahala for dem wen I fashi dem!
  13. Just as I take see Ephraim like Tyre wey dey grow for fine place, but Ephraim go carry hin pikins come out for killer.”
  14. “Oh Baba-God, give dem [wetin dem deserve]—wetin you go give? Give dem belle wit pikin wey don die inside, and dry breasts!
  15. All dia wickedness dey for Gilgal, na for there I hate dem. Becos of di evil tins wey dem do, I go pursue dem komot from my house; I no go love dem again. All dia princes no dey obey me.
  16. Dem don nack Ephraim, dia root don dry; dem no go produce any fruit. Yes, and even if dem born pikin, I go kill dia small pikin wey dey make dem happy.”
  17. My God go pursue dem komot, becos dem no gree obey am; and dem go dey waka-waka among di nations.


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