Joel Chapter 1

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Locusts Don Take-over

  1. Na dis be Baba-God word wey come meet Joel wey be di son of Pethuel.
  2. Hear dis yarnings, una wey be senior-men; listen all of una wey dey stay for di land. Abi anytin like dis don happun for una days, or for di days of una papa-papa-papa?
  3. Make una tell una pikin, and make una pikin tell dia pikin, and make dia pikin tell di next generation.
  4. Di tins wey di palmerworm chop remain—nahin di locusts chop; and wetin di locust chop remain—nahin di cankerworm chop; wetin di  cankerworm chop remain—nahin di caterpillers con chop.
  5. Wake up, una wey dey drink anyhow, and make una dey cry! Cry, all of una wey dey drink wine, cry becos of di new wine, becos dem don komot am from una lips.
  6. One nation don take-over my land, dem get pawa well-well and pesin no fit count dem; hin teeth be like lion, and hin teeth for jaw sharp like ogbonge lion.
  7. He don turn my grape-farm to waste, and he don spoil my fig trees. He don tear dem open, con throway dem, and di branches don white.
  8. Cry like virgin wey wear sackcloth and wey dey cry for her husband wey die young.
  9. Dem don stop to dey bring seed offering and drink offering come Baba-God house. Di priests, those pipo wey dey serve for Baba-God front—dey cry.
  10. Dem don scata di farms, di ground dey cry; di corn don waste, di new wine don dry, ororo don scarce.
  11. Farmers, make una lose hope, una wey dey maintain grape-farm, make una cry; cry for di wheat plus barley, becos all di food wey una plant don spoil.
  12. Di grapes don dry kpatakpata, and di fig tree sef don dry; di pomegranates, di palm tree sef, plus di apple tree, all di trees wey dey for farm don dry kpatakpata; becos men no get joy again.

Cry For Di Land

13. Make una wear sackcloth, chai priests, and make una dey cry, una wey dey serve for di altar. Make una come, spend di night wit sackcloth, una wey dey serve for Baba-God front, becos pipo don stop to dey bring seed offering plus drink offering come Baba-God house.

14. Make una declear holy fast; make una do holy meeting. Call di senior-men plus all di pipo wey dey stay for di land—make dem come Baba-God house. And make una cry to Baba-God.

15. Las-las, di day of Baba-God go soon come, di day wen Baba-God Almighty go bring scata-scata.

16. Abi food neva scarce for una korokoro eyes, abi joy plus happiness neva stop to dey flow from Baba-God house?

17. Di seeds dey die for inside di land wey dey. No food to keep for store, di food stores don break.

18. See as di malu dey cry becos no food! Di plenty malu dey waka upandan wit katakata, becos dem no get green grass to chop. Even di sheep dey suffer punishment.

19. I dey call you, chai Baba-God, becos faya don burn awa green land, and faya don burn all di trees wey dey for awa farms.

20. Even di wild animals dey cry to you, becos di streams don dry kpatakpata, and faya don burn di green-land for di desert.


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