2nd Kings,  Joel

Joel Chapter 2

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Army Of Locusts

  1. Blow di trumpet for inside Zion; sound di alarm on top my holy mountain. Make all di pipo wey dey stay for di land dey shake, becos di day of Baba-God dey come. E dey near.
  2. Na day of darkness and sadness, na day of clouds plus thick darkness. As morning take dey spread for di mountains; ogbonge and strong army go show. Dem neva see anytin like am before and dem no go ever see anytin like am again—even reach plenty generations.
  3. Faya dey burn for dia front, and faya dey burn for dia back. Di land wey dey for dia front be like di garden of Eden, and for dia back, e be like desert of waste—notin dey escape from dem.
  4. Dem resemble horses, and dem dey run like horse-riders.
  5. Like di noise of horse-moto wey dey on top of mountain—naso dem dey jump; like di noise from faya wey dey burn dry grass, and like strong army wey dey take dia position for fight.
  6. Nations go feel pain for dia front; all di faces go fade.
  7. Dem go run like strong fighters; dem go climb di wall like sojas of war. All of dem go march for dia own lane, and dem no dey komot from di line.
  8. Dem no dey push demsef, everi one of dem dey own dia own lane. And even though dem dey move enta sword, dem no go wound.
  9. Dem go run upandan di city, dem go run upandan for di wall, dem go climb enta houses, dem go enta from di window like tiff.
  10. Di earth go shake becos of dem, di sky go fear, di sun plus di moon go turn to darkness, and di stars no dey shine dia light.
  11. Baba-God dey raise hin voice for front of hin army. Hin camp big well-well; those pipo wey dey obey Baba-God dey strong. Di day of Baba-God na ogbonge and fear; who fit stand am?

Open Una Heart

12. Baba-God tok sey, “Even now, make una come back to me wit una full heart, wit fasting, cry-cry, and sadness.

13. Make una tear na heart open, instead of to tear una cloth. Come back to Baba-God wey be una Oga, becos hin grace brekete and he dey sorry-for pipo, he no dey quick vex, hin love burku, and he dey change hin mind from doing evil.

14. Who know? He fit turn, con change hin mind, con leave blessings—even seed offering plus drink offering for Baba-God wey be una Oga.

15. Blow di trumpet inside Zion, declear holy fast, make una call di pipo for holy meeting,

16. Gada di pipo, dedicate dem make dem pure; gada di senior-pipo, small-small pikin, and even babies. Call di man wey wan marry from hin yard, and call di woman wey wan marry from her private room.

17. Make di priests wey dey serve for Baba-God front stand, con dey cry between di yard and di altar. Make dem tok sey, “Oh Baba-God, save your pipo, no let disgrace catch di pipo wey belong to you, and no let di nations rule dem—sote di pipo go con dey tok sey, ‘Where dia God dey sef?’”

Baba-God Ansa

18. Naso Baba-God go dey jealous for hin land, con sorry-for hin pipo.

19. Baba-God go ansa dem sey, “See, I go send corn (food) to una, wit wine, plus ororo, wey go belleful una well-well, and I no go ever make nations dey laff una again:

20. But I go pursue di army from di north far from una, I go push dem enta dry land wey no dey produce anytin—di ones wey dey for front go face di big-river for di east (Dead sea), and those wey dey for back—I go pursue dem enta di Mediterranean sea. Di smell of dia deadbody wey don rotten go cover di land, becos di kain strong tins wey dem don do.”

21. No let fear catch you, oh land; dey happy and dey celebrate. True-true, Baba-God go do ogbonge tins.

22. No let fear catch una, oh animals of di land, becos di green-land for di desert don dey grow again. Di trees dey produce dia fruits; di fig tree and grape tree dey produce yanfu-yanfu.

23. Make una dey happy, oh pipo of Zion, make una jollificate inside Baba-God wey be una Oga, becos he don give una early rain to show hin faithfulness. And both di early and last rains go fall again for una, for di first month.

24. Di harvest ground go burku wit wheat, and di tanks go brekete wit new wine plus ororo.

25. I go pay una back for di years wey locust chop—di cankerworm, plus di caterpiller, and di palmerworm—my big army wey I send against una.

27. Una go get plenty to chop until una belleful, and una go praise di name of Baba-God wey be una Oga, wey don do wonders for una. And shame no go ever catch my pipo again.

28. Naso una go know sey I dey inside Israel, and na me be Baba-God wey be una Oga. And no oda God dey; shame no go ever catch my pipo again.

I Go Pour My Spirit Out

29. And e go happun sey lata-lata, I go pour out my Spirit on everi pesin. Una sons plus una daughters go prophesy, una old men go get dreams, and una young men go see visions.

30. For those days, I go even pour out my Spirit on my servants—both men plus women.

31. I go show wonders for di heavens, and for di earth—blood plus faya, and plenty smoke like cloud.

32. Di sun go turn to darkness, and di moon go turn to blood before di ogbonge day of Baba-God go come wit fear.

33. And e go happun sey any pesin wey call Baba-God name go save; becos freedom go dey for di mountain of Zion plus Jerusalem, as Baba-God yarn, among di pipo wey remain wey Baba-God call.


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