Joel Chapter 3

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Na Baba-God Dey Judge Di Nations

  1. In those days, for dat time, wen I bring back di riches of Judah plus Jerusalem,
  2. I go gada all di nations, con carry dem go bottom-of-di-mountain wey dem dey call Jehoshaphat. Na for there I go take judge dem about my property—di pipo of Israel, becos dem scata my pipo among di nations, con share dia land.
  3. Dem throw dice to know who go take di prisoners of war. Dem sell boys and girls as slaves to pay for ashawo and ogogoro.
  4. “Now, wetin una get against me Oh Tyre plus Sidon, and all di areas of Philistia? Abi una dey pay me back based-on sometin wey I bin do? If una dey pay me back, I go sharp-sharp return on una own head—di tins wey una don do.
  5. Becos una carry my silver plus my gold, con obtain my beta-beta-tins go una own worship-place.
  6. Una sell di pipo of Judah and Jerusalem to di Greeks, so dat una go pursue dem far from dia home land.
  7. Now I wan carry dem komot from di place wey una sell dem as slaves. I go do una wetin una do to dem.
  8. I go sell una sons plus una daughters to di pipo of Judah, and dem go sell dem give di Sabeans, nation dey far-far; me Baba-God don yarn.”
  9. Yarn dis tins among di nations: Make una prepare for war! Ginger di fighters! Make all di men wey dey fight go near, con attack.
  10. Turn una farm tools to sword, and una farming knife to long-sharp-weapon. Even di pipo wey no-strong must fight.
  11. Make una come sharp-sharp, all di nations from everi corner, and make una gada for there. Oh Baba-God, send down your army to attack dem!
  12. Make di nations ginger; make dem carry-go bottom-of-di-mountain wey dem dey call Jehoshaphat, na for there I go sidon to judge all di nations from everi corner.
  13. Dem be wicked pipo; cut dem down like fruits for harvest; squeeze dem like grapes for wine-factory until di wine come out.”
  14. Thousands upon thousands dey for bottom-of-di-mountain of Judgement. Na for there di day of Baba-God go soon meet dem.
  15. Di sun plus di moon go turn to darkness, and di stars no go shine again.
  16. Baba-God go halla from Zion, and he go shout from Jerusalem like thunder, di earth plus di sky go shake. But na inside Baba-God hin pipo go hide dia head put, and he be strong-house for di pipo of Israel.

Blessings For Baba-God Pipo

17. “Naso una go take know sey, me Baba-God wey be una Oga dey stay for inside Zion, my holy hill.

18. Jerusalem go dey holy; and foreigners no go fit take over here again.

19. On dat day, di mountains go drop wit new wine, and di hills go flow wit milk. Water go flow for di stream of Judah, and water wey dey flow go burst out from Baba-God house to water bottom-of-di-mountain of Acacia.

20. But Egypt go empty, Edom go be desert of waste land, becos of di fight-fight wey dem fight di pipo of Judah, and dem shed innocent blood for dia land.

21. Pipo go stay inside Judah forever, and pipo go live for Jerusalem tru-out all generations.

22. I go clean di land wit blood, wey I no bin clean before; becos Baba-God dey stay inside Zion!”


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