Jonah Chapter 1

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               Jonah Run From Baba-God

  1. Message from Baba-God come meet Jonah wey be di son of Amittai:
  2. “Go di ogbonge city of Nineveh, and make you preach against dem, becos dia wickedness don reach my front.”
  3. But Jonah run from Baba-God, con dey travel go Tarshish. He go Joppa, and he see one ship wey dey go Tarshish. Afta he pay hin transport moni, he enta di ship and he con dey go Tarshish, to run from Baba-God.

Bad Weather For Water

4. Naso Baba-God con send one heavy-breeze to di big-river, and one kain strong-breeze con start, sote e con be like sey di ship go break to pieces.

5. All di sailors con dey fear, and all of dem con dey cry to dia own god. Dem throway di market wey dem carry—enta inside water so dat di ship no go get weight. But Jonah go stay for under-under of di ship side.  Na for there he lie down, con sleep go.

6. Di captain go meet am, con tok sey, “How you go dey sleep? Stand up make you call your god! Maybe he fit notice us, and we no go die.”

7. Di pipo wey dey drive di ship con tell demsef sey, “Come make we roll dice to know which pesin dey cos dis wahala wey dey on us.”

8. So dem ask am, “Who we go blame for dis wahala wey dey on us? Which work you dey do, and where you come from? Which kontri you come from, and which pipo you belong to?”

9. Naso he ansa dem, “I be Hebrew, and I dey fear Baba-God of heaven, wey make di big-rivers plus dry land.”

10. Dem fear, con ask am sey, “Wetin you do?” Dem know sey he dey run from Baba-God, becos he don already bin tell dem.

Dem Throway Jonah For Inside Big-river

11. Di big-river con dey rough more-more. So dem ask am sey, “Wetin we go do to make di water calm down for us?”

12. So he ansa dem, “Make una carry me throway inside di water, and di water go calm down. I know sey na me cause am wey dis heavy-breeze come meet una.”

13. Instead, di men try dia best to move go land, but dem no fit, becos di water con dey vex, and e dey move against dem.

14. So dem cry to Baba-God, “Chai Baba-God, abeg no let us die becos of dis man sin. No put di blame on us for killing innocent man, becos you, chai, Baba-God, you don do wetin you want.”

15. Naso dem carry Jonah throway for inside di water, and di water wey rough con calm down.

16. Naso di men fear Baba-God well-well, and dem give sacrifice to Baba-God, con make promises to Am.

17. But Baba-God bring big fish wey swallow Jonah, and Jonah dey inside di fish belle for three days plus three nights.


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