Jonah Chapter 2

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Jonah Prayer

  1. From inside di fish belle, Jonah pray to hin God wey be hin Oga.
  2. He tok sey: “Na from inside my wahala I take I call Baba-God, and he ansa me. From deep inside grave, I call for epp, and you listen to my cry.
  3. You throway me inside deep-deep water, inside di belle of big-water, and di waves round me; all di water wey dey roll plus di waves, round me.
  4. Naso I tok sey, “Chai Baba-God, you don pursue me komot from your face; but I go look your holy worship-place again.’
  5. Di water swallow me—e even cover my soul, di deep water surround me; grass for inside water wrap my head.
  6. I sink reach ground, to di root of di mountains; di sand-sand wey dey under di water hold me forever. But you carry my life komot from inside di pit, Oh Baba-God my Oga.
  7. “Wen my life dey fade komot, I remember you, Baba-God, and my prayers rise to you, e rise go your holy worship-place.
  8. Those pipo wey dey follow useless idols, dey fashi Baba-God love for dem.
  9. But I go sacrifice to you wit song of tanks-giving. I go pay wetin I don promise you. Na Baba-God dey save pesin.”
  10. Naso Baba-God tok to di fish, and di fish vomit Jonah for dry land.


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