Obadiah Chapter 1

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        Di Judgement Of Edom Dey Come

  1. Di vision of Obadiah. Na wetin Baba-God tok about Edom: “We get message from Baba-God; messengers don go round di nations to tok sey, “Stand up and make we go fight against her!”
  2. “See, I don make una small among di nations; dem hate una well-well.
  3. Di buga wey dey inside una heart don scam una, una wey dey stay for high rock, and wey build una house for di high places, una wey dey tell unasef sey, ‘Who fit bring me down reach ground?
  4. Even though una dey fly high like eagle, con build una bird-house among stars, na from there I go bring una down,” naso Baba-God tok.
  5. “Wen tiffs come meet you, if robbers come for night—[see you see wahala], abi dem no go steal reach wetin dem want? Abi wen pipo dey gada grapes, dem no go leave some grapes for di tree?
  6. Dem go check everi corner of Edom, and dem go pack everi property, dem go carry everi beta-beta-tins.
  7. All your padi go push you go di border; all your padi don scam you, con dey oppress you; those pipo wey dey chop from you go set trap for you, but you no go know.”
  8. Baba-God tok sey, “On dat day, abi I no go scata di wise men of Edom, plus di men of understanding for di mountains of Esau?
  9. Chai, Teman, your warriors go fear—sote everi pesin wey dey for di mountain of Esau go fall for di killing.

Edom Do Hin Broda Anyhow

10. Shame go cover you becos of di fight-fight against your broda Jacob, you go scata forever.

11. Una stand for one corner and una no gree epp—on dat day wen enemies enta dia gates. Una bad like those strangers wey carry di beta-beta-tins of Jerusalem, becos una share wetin remain for inside Jerusalem.

12. You no suppose look, con dey happy for broda, on di day wey enemies carry dem komot, you no suppose dey happy for wetin happun to di pipo of Judah on di day of dia scata-scata, and you for no make-mouth on di day of wahala.

13. You no suppose march enta di gates of my pipo on di day of dia kasala, or touch dia beta-beta-tins, or downgrade dem on di day of dia wahala.

14. You no suppose wait for junction, to kill and catch those pipo wey dey escape. Una for no carry dem give dia enemies on di day of dia kasala.

15. “Di day of Baba-God judgement dey come for everi nation. Wetin you don do pipo nahin dem go do to you sef; na you go use your own head take carry wetin you don do.

16. Becos just as una [Edom] drink on top of My holy mountain [una corrupt am wit di flexing], naso all di nations go dey always drink [from cup of vex]. Yes, dem go drink, con swallow [di full punishment], and dem go vanish komot—like sey dem no bin dey before.

Israel Final Winning

17. But freedom go dey on di Mountain of Zion; e go dey holy, and di house of Jacob go claim wetin belong to dem.

18. Di house of Jacob plus Joseph go be faya, and dem go scata di house of Esau as faya take dey burn grass. Di faya go burn dem and none of di sons of Esau go survive,” me, Baba-God don tok am.

19. Pipo from di south go come stay for di mountain of Esau. Those wey dey live for di smooth-land go claim Philistia; and dem go take over di land of Ephraim plus Samaria. And di pipo of Benjamin go claim di land of Gilead.

20. Dis pipo of Israel wey come back from foreign land—go claim di land of Canaan far go reach Zarephath; di pipo from Jerusalem wey run go Sepharad go take-over to cities of di south.

21. Pipo wey go save di Mountain of Zion go show-face to judge di mountains of Esau.  And di kingdom go belong to Baba-God.


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