Jonah Chapter 3

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Jonah Preach For Nineveh

  1. So Baba-God word come meet Jonah di second time, sey:
  2. “Stand up, go di ogbonge city of Nineveh, con tell dem di message wey I go give you.”
  3. Jonah obey Baba-God word, con go Nineveh. Now, Nineveh na very big city sote na three days he take waka inside am.
  4. On di first day, Jonah enta di city con dey shout to di plenty-pipo: “Nineveh go scata forty days from now!”

Di Pipo Of Nineveh Believe Baba-God

5. Di pipo of Nineveh believe Baba-God. Dem declare fasting, and all of dem—from di smallest to di biggest, con wear sackcloth.

6. Wen di gist [news] reach di king of Nineveh, he stand up from hin king-chair, he komot hin cloth, con wear sackcloth, and he sidon for ashes.

7. Naso he con sign law inside Nineveh: “By di word of di king and hin rulers: Make no man or animal, malu or sheep, taste or drink anytin. Make dem no chop or drink water:

8. But make man and animals wear sackcloth. Make everi pesin pray to Baba-God well-well. Make dem komot hand from dia evil ways, and stop di fight-fight for dia hand.

9. Who know, maybe Baba-God fit turn from hin serious vex and he no go scata us?”

10. Wen Baba-God see wetin dem do, and how dem komot hand from dia evil ways, he change hin mind, and he no scata dem as he bin tok sey he go do.


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