Jonah Chapter 4

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Jonah Con Dey Vex Sey Baba-God Sorry-for Dem

  1. But Jonah no happy, and he con dey vex well-well.
  2. Naso he pray to Baba-God, “Oh Baba-God, no be wetin I tok be dis, wen I bin dey my house? Na wetin make me run go Tarshish. I know sey your grace brekete, and you be God wey dey sorry-for pipo well-well, you no dey quick vex, you dey show love well-well, and you dey change your mind from evil.
  3. Now, oh Baba-God, kill me, becos e beta for me to die dan for me to live.”
  4. But Baba-God con tok sey, “Abi you get any right to dey vex for me?”
  5. Jonah komot, con sidon for one place for di east of di city. He con make shade for hinsef for there. He sidon for di shade, con dey wait to see wetin go happun to di city.
  6. Naso Baba-God make one plant grow, to make shade dey for Jonah, so dat he go fit relax from hin palava. So Jonah happy well-well becos of di plant.
  7. But for morning, Baba-God bring one worm wey chop di plant, sote di tree con dry.
  8. E con happun sey wen di sun rise up, naso Baba-God send one hot east breeze, and di sun con dey shine seriously for Jonah head, sote he wan faint; he even wish sey he kpeme, so he tok sey, “E beta for me to die—dan for me to live.”
  9. But Baba-God ask Jonah sey, “Abi you get di right to dey vex becos of my tree?” Jonah con tok sey, “Yes. I suppose to even vex die.”
  10. But Baba-God tok sey, “You dey sorry-for di plant, even if no be you dey take care of am, or make am grow. E grow over-night and e die over-night sef.
  11. Abi I no go save Nineveh, dat big city wey get pass 120,000 pipo wey no sabi dia right hand from dia left hand; Nineveh wey get plenty malu sef?”


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