Micah Chapter 1

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       Judgement Against Israel

  1. Message from Baba-God come meet Micah of Moresheth, around di time of Jotham, Ahaz, plus Hezekiah—di kings of Judah. Dis na di vision wey he see about Samaria plus Jerusalem.
  2. Oh pipo, make una hear, all of una, oh earth, plus all of una wey dey live inside am—so dat Baba-God go be witness against una—Baba-God from hin holy place.
  3. See, Baba-God dey come from hin place; he dey come down, he dey waka for di high places of di earth.
  4. Di mountain go melt for under hin leg, and bottom-of-mountain go tear into two, as candle-water take dey melt for faya, and like water wey dey rush come down from high place.
  5. All dis one na becos of di sins of Jacob, and becos di pipo of Israel turn komot from Baba-God. Wetin be di sin of Jacob? Abi no be Samaria (Samaria turn komot from Baba-God con dey follow idols)? Wetin be di idols shrine for Judah? Abi no be Jerusalem (wey be di center of evil)?
  6. “So I go turn Samaria to scata-scata wey gada for ground, to place where pipo go dey farm grapes, I go pour her stones go bottom-of-di-mountain, con open her foundation down.
  7. All her images wey dem carve—go break to pieces; her gifts go burn for faya. I go scata all her idols. Since she gada all her gifts from di gain of ashawo work (di gifts from worshipping idol), di gain sef go fall enta inside ashawo hole.

Sadness Plus Cry-cry

8. So I go cry, and I go shout. I go waka about wit-out cloth or slippers. I go halla like dragons, con cry like owl.

9. Becos dem no fit cure Samaria wound; e don spread go Judah. E don reach di gates of my pipo, even reach Jerusalem.

10. Make una no tok about am for Gath, make una no cry at all. Make una roll for dust for di house of Aphrah.

11. Make una waka komot wit nakedness plus shame (as una enemies dey carry una komot)—una wey dey stay for Saphir. Those pipo wey dey stay for Zaanan no go come outside dia wall. Beth-ezel dey cry; dem no fit protect una again.

12. Those pipo wey dey stay for Maroth calm down and dey wait for epp, but na only kasala come down from Baba-God, for di gates of Jerusalem.

13. Una wey dey stay for Lachish, make una set horse-moto wit fast horse. Na una be di starting of di sin of di daughters of Zion, becos di sin of Israel dey inside una.

14. So you go give Moresheth Gath gift as you dey tell am bye-bye, no hope dey to save am. Di town of Aczib don scam di kings of Israel.

15. Chai pipo of Mareshah, I go bring pipo wey go take over una town. And di leaders of Israel go run go Adullam.

16. Barb your head gorimakpa as una dey cry becos of di pikin wey una like; barb you head make e be like eagle, becos dem don catch dem komot enta foreign land.


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