Micah Chapter 2

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Wahala For Di Pipo Wey Dey Oppress Odas

  1. Wahala for di pipo wey dey plan bad-bad-tins, wahala for di pipo wey dey plan evil tins for on top of dia bed! And wen morning reach, dem go do di bad-bad-tins wey dem plan, becos dem get di pawa to do am.
  2. Dem go eye pesin land, and dem go use gragra take collect am; dem go eye pipo house, and dem go kolorbi am. Naso dem go oppress man wit hin house, evensef dem go oppress man komot from hin family-land.
  3. So Baba-God tok sey: “See, I dey plan serious gbege against dis family di kain gbege wey una no go fit free una necks from. And una no go dey do shakara again as una dey waka upandan—becos e go be time of kasala.
  4. On dat day, men go dey yab una; dem go whyne una wit dis sad song: ‘Dem don scata us kpatakpata; dem don share my pipo properties. Dem don collect am from me! He don give awa farms to pipo wey dey betray us.’ ”
  5. So una no go get any pesin wey go use ruler take measure una land,  and use lot take share di land for front of Baba-God pipo [dem no go share reach give una].

Fake Prophets

6. Dem go tell di pipo wey dey prophesy sey, “Make una stop to dey prophesy or preach, no dey prophesy about dis tins; dis kain disgrace no go meet us.”

7. “Una wey be di pikin-pikin-pikin of Jacob, “Abi Baba-God Spirit get short hand? Abi na dis be hin works? Abi my words no dey do good to those wey dey waka for di correct way?

8. Dis days, my pipo don rise up like enemy. Una dey komot di cloth from innocent neigbours wey dey waka pass, like men wey dey come back from war.

9. Una dey pursue di women of my pipo from dia beta house. Una tiff my blessings from dia pikin forever.

10. Stand up, komot! Dis no be una land of rest again, becos e don corrupt [una don full am wit sin], e go scata, yes—e go scata kpatakpata.

11. If prophet wey dey tok lie and wey dey do wayo come, con tok sey, ‘I go prophesy for una about plenty wine and ogogoro,’ nahin be di kain prophet wey go fit dis pipo!

Di Remaining Pipo Of Israel

12. “I go surely gada all of una, oh Jacob; I go surely gada di pipo of Israel wey remain. I go bring dem togeda, like sheep for sheep-house, like plenty sheep for field; and plenty noise go dey dis place becos pipo go burku.

13. Baba-God go open way for dem, con carry dem komot from foreign land. Dem go break komot from di gates of di city, con move wit freedom. Baba-God wey be dia king nahin go lead dem komot.


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