Habakkuk Chapter 1

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Habakkuk Complain

  1. Dis na di message wey Habakkuk di prophet receive wit vision.
  2. Chai Baba-God, how long I go dey call for epp? But you no gree listen!—I even cry out becos of di oppression, and you no gree save pesin!
  3. Why you dey show me all dis bad-bad-tins?—con dey make me see palava? Scata-scata and fight-fight dey for my front; wahala dey, and katakata no dey finish.
  4. So di law no strong again and e dey useless, and justice no dey again. Evil pipo dey do ojoro for pipo wey get clean-hand, and dem dey bend justice.

Baba-God Ansa

5. “Look di nations, make you watch—and make you surprise well-well; becos I go do sometin for una days wey you no go believe, even if dem tell you.

6. I dey raise up di pipo of Babylon, those wicked pipo wey no dey rest. Dem dey march enta di whole earth to seize land wey no be dia own.

7. Dem be wicked pipo, and pipo dey fear dem; dem be law for demsef and dem dey do anytin wey dem like.

8. Dia horses fast pass leopards, con wicked pass di night wolves. Dia sojas dey come from far-far land; dia horse-riders go spread demsef. Dem dey come wit speed like eagle wey dey rush go catch e food.

9. All of dem dey come just becos of fight-fight. Dem plenty wey dey come like strong-breeze for desert, and dem dey gada prisoners like sand-sand.

10. Dem dey use kings play and dem dey laff rulers. Dem dey yab all di cities wey get strong wall. Dem dey build wall round cities con climb enta to overthrow dem.

11. Naso dem go sweep pass like strong-breeze, con move go, dem go pay for dia sins; pipo wey dia own pawa nahin be dia god.”

Habakkuk Second Complain

12. Oh Baba-God, abi you neva dey since everlasting? My God, my Holy One, we no go kpeme. Oh Baba-God, you don choose dem to do judgement; Oh big God, you don choose dem to punish.

13. Your eyes dey too pure too look evil; you no fit look wrong tin. So why you con dey allow pipo wey dey turn against you? Why you con dey silent wen wicked pipo dey swallow pipo wey get clean-heart pass dem?

14. Abi you don make men be like fish for inside big-river, or like animals wey dey creep, wey no get ruler?

15. Di enemy dey drag all of dem come out wit hooks, he dey catch dem for dia net, he dey drag dem come out wit dia fish-net, con dey celebrate and jolly.

16. Naso dem go worship dia nets, con burn incense for dia fish-net. Dem go tok sey, “All dis net na di gods wey don make us rich, con give us yanfu-yanfu!”

17. Abi he go kontinu to dey empty hin net, to dey scata nations wit-out sorrying for dem?


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