Habakkuk Chapter 2

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Baba-God Ansa Again

  1. I go climb up go my tall-house to watch, con stand for my guard position. Na for there I go wait to see wetin Baba-God go tok, and which ansa I go give (as hin tok pesin) wen dem correct me.
  2. So Baba-God ansa me: “Write di vision for books, and make e dey clear for table so dat messenger fit carry di correct message to odas.
  3. Becos di vision (message) dey wait for di right time; but las-las e go tok, and e no go lie. Even if e tey, wait for am; e go surely come and e no go tey.
  4. “See, di pesin wey dey feel big, hin soul don bend—but pesin wey get clean-heart go live by faith.
  5. “Evensef, wine dey betray am; he dey do anyhow—sote he no fit stay for house (he no dey rest). Becos he get longatrot like grave; and like death—he no dey belleful. He dey gada all di nations to hinsef, and he dey gada everi pipo for hinsef.

Wahala For Di Chaldean

6. “Abi all of di pipo wey he gada no go whyne am wit yab and laff sey, ‘Wahala for di pesin wey dey gada property wey no belong to am, con make esef rich wit plenty moni wey he borrow—for how long?’

7. Abi di pipo wey you dey owe no go stand up to collect hin moni back? Abi dem no go wake up to oppress you? Naso dem go rob you.

8. Becos you don tiff from many nations, di pipo wey remain go obtain you, becos you don shed di blood of men, you don scata lands and dabaru cities, plus everi pesin wey dey live inside dem.

9. “Wahala for di pesin wey build hin house wit ojoro moni, pipo wey dey build dia house for safe place for up, to escape from kasala and evil!

10. You don bring plan of shame to your house, by cutting plenty pipo komot, con end dem; so you dey sin against yoursef.

11. Di stones for di wall go cry out against you, and di wood for di ceiling go echo am.

12. “Wahala for di pipo wey dey build dia town wit blood, and wahala for di pipo wey dey stand dia city wit corruption!

13. Abi Baba-God Almighty neva promise sey di beta-beta-tins plus di works of di pipo go burn to ashes, and di nations dey hustle hard for notin?

14. Becos di earth go brekete wit di knowledge of di levels of Baba-God, as water take cover big-river.

15. “Wahala for you wey dey make your neighbour jogodo! You dey force your cup on dem so dat you go fit yab dem wen dem don naked wit shame.

16. You go full wit shame instead of levels. Now na your turn to drink! Drink and make you show your nakedness (sey you neva circumcise). Di cup for Baba-God right hand go turn against you, and your levels go turn to shame kpatakpata.

17. You scata trees, con kill pipo for di mountains of Lebanon, una show wickedness to di land, con kill di pipo. You go face serious wahala now.

18. “Wetin di pesin wey make idols dey gain from am—wey make am carve am, or image wey dem mold and wey dey teach lies—sote di pesin wey make am dey trust am—idols wey no fit tok?

19. Wahala for di pesin wey dey tell wood sey, “Wake up!’ or wey dey tell stone wey no get life sey, ‘Stand up!’ Abi dat one fit guide pesin? Na gold and silver cover am; e no fit breath.

20. But Baba-God dey inside hin holy place; make all di earth dey silent for hin front.”


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