Habakkuk Chapter 3

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Habakkuk Prayer

  1. Dis na di prayer of Habakkuk di prophet, for Shigionoth.
  2. Oh Baba-God, I don hear about your gist; I dey surprise for all di tins wey you don do; oh Baba-God, do dem again for awa days, show dem for awa time (epp us now as you bin take epp us before-before); sorry-for us as you dey vex.
  3. Baba-God come from Teman, di Holy One dey come from di Mountain of Paran. Hin levels cover di heavens, and hin praise rekpete for di earth.
  4. He dey shine well-well like di sun wey dey rise up, he get lines-of-light wey dey flash from hin hand, and na for there hin pawa dey hide.
  5. Disease dey waka for hin front; and hot coals dey burn for hin legs.
  6. He stand, con measure di earth; he look and he shake di nations komot. Di olden days mountain con scata, and di olden days hill break down. Hin ways dey last forever.
  7. I see di houses of di pipo of Cushan for inside wahala, and di houses of Midian dey shake.
  8. Abi you bin dey vex wit di rivers, oh Baba-God? Abi na di rivers you dey para for? Abi you vex for di big-rivers, sote you ride your horses, plus your horse-moto wey dey save pesin?
  9. Carry your bow come out, based-on di promise wey you swear to di tribes. You separate di earth wit rivers;
  10. Di mountains see you and dem shake; di plenty-water overflow pass. Di big-big-river sound hin voice, con raise e wave high.
  11. Di sun plus di moon stand for one place for di heavens, dem komot as your bright arrow dey fly and as your shinning long-sharp-weapon dey flash.
  12. You march tru-out di land wit vex, and you march di nations as you dey para.
  13. You come out to save your pipo, to save di pesin wey you choose. You nack di head of di house of di wicked, you naked am from hin head to hin leg.
  14. You use hin own weapon take shuuk am for hin head of hin villages: dem come like rolling-breeze to scata me; dem dey celebrate like pipo wey wan chop poor pipo codedly.
  15. You march di big-river wit your horses, con pass tru plenty-water wey gada.
  16. I hear am, and my heart shake, my lips shake for di sound; my bones start to dey rotten; fear con dey inside me, I go calm down wait for di day of gbege wey go come on di nations wey dey attack us.

Habakkuk Happy

17. Even though di fig tree no gree produce fruit and di grapes no get fruit for tree, even though di olive plant no gree grow, and di land no gree produce any food, even though all di sheep die from di sheep-house, and di malu-house don empty,

18. But I go still dey happy inside Baba-God, I go celebrate inside Baba-God wey save me.

19. Baba-God my Oga nahin be my pawa; he dey make my leg be like di leg of deer, con epp me climb high places.

For di music producer. Wit my music instruments wey get string.


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