Micah Chapter 3

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Wicked Rulers Plus Prophets

  1. I con tok sey, “Abeg make una hear me, oh leaders of Jacob, and di princes of di house of Israel. Abi una no suppose sabi justice?
  2. Una wey hate beta tins—but una gbadun evil tins; una wey dey tear my pipo skin from dia body, con komot dia flesh from dia bones;
  3. Una wey dey chop my pipo flesh, con komot dia skin, con break dia bones to pieces like sey una wan put dem for inside pot; una cut dem like meat for big pot.
  4. Naso dem go cry to Baba-God, but he no go ansa dem. For dat time, he go hide hin face from dem, becos of di bad-bad-tins wey dem don do.
  5. Dis na wetin Baba-God tok about una prophets wey dey carry my pipo waka miss-road, una promise peace to those pipo wey dey give una food, but una dey fight those pipo wey no gree give una food.
  6. ‘So, night go meet una, plus darkness and una no go fit see road. Naso una fake prophecy go end. Una time to shine go end for una prophets, and una days go finish.
  7. Shame go catch una wey be prophets, and disgrace go meet di jazzmen, all of dem go cover dia lips, becos dem no go get any message from Baba-God.’
  8. But as for me, I true-true brekete wit pawa by Baba-God Spirit, and wit justice, plus full-mind—to tell Jacob about di bad-bad-tins wey dem don do, to yarn Israel about dia sins.
  9. Abeg make una hear dis tin, una wey be di leaders of di house of Jacob, and una wey be dis princes of di house of Israel; wey hate justice, and wey dey change all di right tin;
  10. Una wey dey build Zion wit blood, con build Israel wit wickedness.
  11. Dia leaders dey judge becos of egunje (bribe), dia priest dey only ansa only pipo wey pay dem, and dia prophets dey prophesy becos of moni. But dem go still depend on Baba-God, con tok sey, “Abi Baba-God no dey wit us? No kasala fit come near us.”
  12. So becos of una, dem go dig Zion like farm wey dem wan plant put, Jerusalem go turn to scata-scata wey gada for ground! Bush go grow for di high places where Baba-God house dey.


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