Micah Chapter 4

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Di Mountain Of Baba-God House

  1. For di last days, e go happun sey, di mountain of Baba-God house go stand gidigbam on top of di mountains; e go rise up pass di hills, and plenty pipo go go there.
  2. Many nation go come, con tok sey, “Come, make we go up to di mountain of Baba-God, to di house of di God of Jacob. He go teach us hin ways so dat we go waka for hin road.” Di teachings of Baba-God go spread out from Zion, and Baba-God word go spread out from Jerusalem.
  3. He go judge between plenty pipo, and he go settle fight abroad—for kontris wey get pawa. Dem go turn dia sword to blade for digging farm, con turn dia long-sharp-weapon to sickle. Kontris no go fight kontris again. And dem no go train for war again.
  4. Everi man go sidon under hin own grape trees, and under hin own fig trees, wit-no pesin to threaten am; becos Baba-God Almighty mouth don tok am.
  5. All di nation go waka inside di name of dia god; but we go waka inside di name of Baba-God wey be awa Oga forever and ever.

Baba-God Go Bring Back Zion

6. Baba-God tok sey, “On dat day, I go gada di pipo wey no fit waka again; I go gada di pipo wey run go foreign land, and those pipo wey I don suffer.

7. And I go make di pipo wey no fit waka—survive, con turn those wey dey waka upandan di nations—to strong nation. Naso Baba-God go rule dem for Mountain Zion from dat day and forever.

8. And you, oh Jerusalem—wey be di tall-house for watching di pipo, oh strong-house of di pipo of Zion, di former strong kingdom go rise again. Di kingdom go come to di daughters of Zion.

9. Why una con dey raise voice dey cry now—abi una no get king? Abi una ruler kpeme, wey una con dey feel pain like woman wey wan born pikin?

10. Make una feel pain, oh pipo of Jerusalem, like woman wey wan born pikin, becos una must komot from di city now—to go stay for open land. Una go enta foreign land for far-far Babylon. But Baba-God go save una for there; he go save una from una enemies strong hand.

11. But now, many nations don gada against you. Dem dey tok sey, “Make we corrupt her, make we watch Jerusalem wit awa eyes.”

12. But dem no sabi Baba-God plan; dem no understand hin mind. Dis nations no sabi sey Baba-God dey gada dem togeda like bundles for harvest ground (to march dem).

13. “Rise up and make you scata di nations to pieces, oh Jerusalem! I go give una iron horns plus bronze horse-shoe, so dat una go fit march any nation to pieces. Una go carry wetin una collect from dem, con give am to Baba-God, con give dia beta-beta-tins to Baba-God of di whole earth.


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