Micah Chapter 5

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Ruler From Bethlehem

  1. Gada your sojas, Oh city of fighters, becos enemies don surround us. Dem go nack di ruler of Israel for hin cheek wit iron.
  2. “But you Bethlehem Ephrathah, even though you small among di thousands pipo of Judah, na from inside you pesin go come for me, wey go be ruler for Israel, hin family line na from olden days, from everlasting.”
  3. So Baba-God go fashi hin pipo for dia enemies, until woman wey get belle go born pikin. Den hin fellow kontri men wey survive go come back from foreign land—to meet di pipo of Israel for dia own land.
  4. He go stand, and he go lead hin pipo wit di pawa of Baba-God, wit di levels of di king wey hin name na Baba-God. Naso hin pipo go live for there wit notin to disturb dem, becos he go get levels well-well for di whole world.
  5. And na him go be di peace, wen di pipo of Assyria go march enta awa land, con break enta awa palaces, we go choose seven leaders wey go watch us, and eight princes wey go lead us.

Di Remaining Pipo Of Jacob

6. Dem go waste di land of Assyria wit sword, con enta di doormot of di land of Nimrod; naso he go take save us from di pipo of Assyria, wen dem enta awa land, con march enta awa borders.

7. Di remaining pipo of Jacob go dey among plenty pipo like dew from Baba-God, like rain on top of grass, wey no pesin fit hold am back, and no pesin fit stop am.

8. Di remaining pipo of Jacob go dey among di nations, for middle of plenty pipo, like lion among di animals for forest, like young lion among plenty sheep, wey if e waka pass dem, e go jump on dem, con tear dem as he dey go—wit no pesin to save di animals.

9. Your hand go raise go up against your enemies, and all your enemies go scata.

10. Baba-God tok sey, “And e go happun sey, on dat day, I go scata di horses from among una, con scata una horse-moto.

11. I go scata all di cities wey dey for una land, con dabaru all una strong-house put for ground.

12. I go stop all una otumorkpor, and jazzmen no go dey again.

13. I go scata all di images wey una carve, plus all una idols wey dey stand—from among una; una no go fit bow down again to di tins wey una hand make.

14. I go komot di images of di goddess of Asherah from una land, con scata una cities.

15. I go revenge as I dey para and vex for di nations wey no gree obey me.”


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