Micah Chapter 6

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Baba-God Mata Against Israel

  1. Listen to wetin Baba-God dey yarn: “Stand up, make una tok una mata wey una get against me. Make di mountains plus di hill come be witness to hear una complain.
  2. Make una hear Baba-God complain, oh mountain, he get case against di pipo. Listen you strong foundations of di earth. Becos Baba-God get case against hin pipo, and he go argue am against Israel.
  3. “Oh my pipo wetin I don do una? How I take be like weight for una back? Ansa me.
  4. I carry una komot from Egypt, con save una from di land where una be slaves. I send Moses to lead una, plus Aaron and Miriam.
  5. Oh my pipo, remember wetin Balak wey be di king of Moab—plan, and wetin Balaam wey be di son of Beor ansa am. Remember una waka from Shittim to Gilgal, so dat una go sabi di good tins wey Baba-God dey do.”
  6. Wetin I go carry follow-body come meet Baba-God, con bow down for front of di God wey get levels? Abi make I carry burnt offerings come meet am, or wit malu wey be one year old?
  7. Abi thousands of ram go make Baba-God body sweet am, or ten thousands rivers of ororo? Abi make I give my firstborn for my sins, or di fruit of my body; for di sin wey my soul commit?
  8. Oh man, he don show you wetin dey good. And wetin Baba-God dey ask from you? To do tins wit your church-mind, and to love mercy, and to waka jeje wit Baba-God.

Israel Punishment

9. Fear Baba-God if you get-sense! Hin voice dey call everi pesin for Jerusalem: “Di armies of scata-scata dey come; Baba-God dey send dem come.

10. Abi beta-beta-tins no still dey for wicked man house wey he gain wit wickedness, plus di wuru-wuru measurements—wey be curse?

11. Abi I go free man wey dey use mago-mago measurement, wey get bag of ojoro weight?

12. Her rich men dey shed blood; her pipo dey tok lie, and dia tongue dey yarn wit wuru-wuru for inside dia mouth.

13. So I don start to dey scata una till una taya, I go scata una kpatakpata becos of una sins.

14. Una go chop, but una no go bellefull, una go gada, but una no go fit save anytin, becos I go give wetin una don save—to pipo wit sword.

15. Una go plant but una no go fit harvest; una go press olives—but una no go fit use di ororo for unasef, una go press grapes—but una no go drink from di wine.

16. Una don follow di laws of Omri and all di ways of Ahab house, and una don follow dia advice. So I go make una scata. Pipo go do una anyhow, and everi pesin wey see una go yab una.”


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