Micah Chapter 7

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Sorrow Becos Of Israel Sin

  1. Wahala for me! I be like pesin wey dey pick fruit afta harvest, wey no see any fruit to chop; no bunch of grapes to chop, no first ripe fruit wey go fit cure my hunger.
  2. Dem don sweep good pipo komot from di land, and no pesin get clean-heart among men, all of dem dey wait to shed blood, all men dey hunt dia brodas wit net.
  3. Dia two hands sabi do evil tins well-well, di rulers dey ask for gift and di judges dey collect bribes, pipo wey get pawa nahin dey tell dem di evil tins wey dem go do—so dem dey plan togeda.
  4. Even di best one of dem be like shuuku-shuuku flower [brier]; and di one wey get clean-heart pass among dem be like sharp mouth of shuuku-shuuku wey gada. Di day of una punishment don reach. Di day wen your watchman go sound di alarm. Dis na di time of dia katakata.
  5. No trust you neighbour; no put your full-mind on your padi, and dey watch di words wey you dey yarn di woman wey you love.
  6. Becos son dey disrespect hin papa, daughter dey change-am-for her mama, and daughter-in-law against moda-in-law—man enemies na pipo from hin own house.

Israel Look Baba-God

7. But as for me, I dey watch inside di hope of Baba-God, I dey wait for Baba-God wey dey save me; my God go hear me.

8. No dey happy for my mata, oh badbelle pipo: wen I fall—I go rise; wen I sidon for inside darkness—Baba-God go be light for me.

9. I go endure as Baba-God dey vex, becos I don commit sin against am, but las-las he go defend me and he go correct di wrong tin wey don happun to us. He go carry me come out to see light; and I go see hin good-heart.

10. Naso my enemies go see am, and shame go cover di pipo wey tell me sey, ‘Where your God dey?’ My eyes go see as dem go take fall for ground, even now dem go march dem for ground like portor-portor for street.

11. Di day dey come wen una go build una wall again, dat time una territory go big more-more.

12. On dat day, pipo go come meet una from Assyria, and di cities of Egypt, even from Egypt reach river Euphrates, and from big-river to big-river, and from mountain to mountain.

13. But di land go empty becos of di pipo wey dey live inside am, and becos of wetin dem dey do.

       Baba-God Soft-heart For Hin Pipo

14. Lead your pipo wit your walking-stick like shepherd, di pipo wey be your property, wey dey live on dia own, for inside forest, for inside Carmel. Make dem chop for green-land of Bashan and for Gilead as we bin dey do for olden days.

15. “I go show dem my wonders like di days wen una komot from Egypt.

16. Di nations go see am, and dem go taya even wit all dia pawa. Dem go close dia mouth wit dia hand (as dem keep quiet wit shock), con cover dia ears.

17. Dem go lick dust like snake, dem go move out from dia holes like worm for ground. Dem go fear Baba-God awa Oga, and dem go fear becos of una.

18. Which God dey like you? wey dey forgive sins, and wey sorry-for di pipo wey survive among di pipo wey he choose—wen dem do bad tins?  You no dey vex forever, but you like to dey show mercy.

19. He go show us good-heart again, he go march all awa sins for ground, and you go push all di bad-bad-tins wey we don do—enta inside big-river.

20. You go show Jacob your truth, and you go show mercy to Abraham—just as you promise awa papa-papa-papa wit oath—from olden days.


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