Nahum Chapter 1

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           Baba-God Mercy Plus Judgement

  1. Dis na prophecy about Nineveh, di book of di vision of Nahum di Elkoshite.

             Baba-God Vex For Hin Enemies

2. Baba-God na God wey dey jealous and wey dey revenge, Baba-God dey revenge and he dey vex well-well. Baba-God dey revenge on hin enemies; and he keep punishment for hin enemies.

3. Baba-God no dey quick vex, and he get pawa well-well; Baba-God no go free pipo wey do bad-bad-tins wit-out punishing dem. Hin way dey inside di rolling-breeze and strong-breeze, and cloud na di dust for hin leg.

4. He dey command di big-river, con make am dry kpatakpata, he dey make all di rivers dry. Bashan and Carmel dey fade, and di flowers of Lebanon dey fade.

5. Di mountains dey shake for hin front, and di hills dey melt. Di earth dey shake wen he show-face—yes, even di world plus everitin wey dey live inside.

6. Who fit stand hin vex? Who fit endure hin serious vex? Hin vex dey pour come out like faya; di rocks dey break for hin front.

7. Baba-God good, na him pipo dey hide dia head put wen yawa gas, and he sabi di pipo wey trust am.

8. Na wit big-water he go use take sweep hin enemies; and darkness go pursue hin enemies.

9. Baba-God go end anytin we dem plan against am; palava no go come di second time.

10. As hin enemies dey fold togeda like shuuku-shuuku, and as dem dey stagger like pipo wey don drink, dem go burn like dry grass for field.

11. Oh Nineveh, from una nahin pesin don show-face, wey dey plan evil against Baba-God, and he dey give evil advice.

12. Na wetin Baba-God tok be dis: “Even if dem (Assyria) safe and dem plenty, but dem go cut komot, con pass go. Even though I bin wound una (Judah) before, I no go wound you again.

13. Now I go break di load of slavery from your neck, con cut your chains komot.”

14. Baba-God don give command about you; “You no go get any pikin-pikin-pikin wey go bear your name. I go scata di images wey una carve plus di idols wey una form, wey dey inside di shrine of una gods. I go prepare una graves becos una be evil.”

15. Look, for di mountains, di steps of pesin wey dey bring good news, wey dey bring message of peace! Make una celebrate una festival oh Judah, and make una keep una promises to Baba-God. Wicked pipo no go enta una land again; dem don scata kpatakpata.


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