Nahum Chapter 2

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As Nineveh Take Fall

  1. Pipo wey go scata una to pieces dey move come meet una. Guard di strong-house, watch di roads, defend yoursef, gada all your pawa!
  2. Even though di enemy don scata Jacob, Baba-God go bring back di levels of Jacob. Dem don cut di fruit of Israel from e branches, but e go grow con shine again.
  3. Di shield of dia sojas dey red, di strong sojas dey wear red uniform! See as dia shinning horse-moto dey move go dia position, and dem dey show dia long-sharp-weapon.
  4. Di horse-moto dey run anyhow for di streets, dem dey run follow demsef for di wide road. Dem dey flash like light from faya, and dem dey move fast-fast like lightning.
  5.  Di king dey shout for hin officers; dem fall as dem dey rush—as dem dey rush go di wall to defend di wall.
  6. Dem don burst di river gates open! Di palace go soon fall.
  7. Dem bin tok am sey: Dem go catch her as slave go foreign land; and her servant girls go dey cry like doves—dey beat dia breasts wit sadness.
  8. Before-before, Nineveh be like pool, but now e water dey dry dey go. Pipo dey shout, “Stop! Stop!” but no pesin turn back.
  9. Steal di silver! Move di gold! Dem plenty well-well, dia beta-beta-tins brekete!
  10. Nineveh don empty, pipo don run komot, and e don scata! Hearts dey melt, and knees dey shake; pain burku for inside everi pesin body, and all dia faces dey fade.
  11. Where di lion joint con dey, where di place where di young lions dey chop, where di lion dey waka put, di lioness and her small-small pikin—wit notin to make dem fear?
  12. Di lion kill yanfu-yanfu for e pikin, e kill for e wife; di lion hide e meat for inside rock, con pack flesh full e joint.
  13. Baba-God Almighty tok sey, “I dey against you, I go burn your horse-moto inside smoke, and sword go shuuk your young lions, I go stop you from oppressing pipo. Dem no go hear di voice of your messengers again.”


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