Nahum Chapter 3

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Judgement Against Nineveh

  1. Wahala for di city of blood, city wey brekete wit lie-lie, city wey brekete wit robbers, and dem dey always oppress pipo!
  2. Hear di noise of koboko, di noise of di movement of di tyres, di sound of horse wey dey move, and di horse-moto wey dey jump.
  3. See as di sword of horse-riders dey flash wit dia long-sharp-weapon! Plenty-plenty pipo don die, and deadbody brekete for ground, deadbody full everi where—deadbody too plenty sote pipo dey march dem con dey fall;
  4. becos of di plenty-plenty ashawo ways of di olosho (Nineveh), di fine ashawo, di madam of witch—wey dey sell nations tru her olosho [idol worship], and wey dey sell families tru her witch.
  5. Baba-God Almighty tok sey, “I dey against you, I go use your skirt take cover your face. I go show di nations your nakedness, and I go show di kingdoms your shame.
  6. I go cover you wit yama-yama, con show di world as you true-true wicked reach.
  7. E go happun sey all di pipo wey see you go run from you, con tok sey, ‘Nineveh don scata finish! Who go cry for her?’ Where I go fit see any pesin wey go make you calm down?”
  8. Abi you beta pass No Amon, wey dey near di River, wit water round her, wey di river be her wall, and di  deep-deep water be her fence?
  9. Ethiopia plus Egypt na her pawa; Put and Lybia dey epp her,
  10. But enemies still carry her komot as prisoner, and she enta foreign land. Dem cut her small-small pikin to pieces for front of everi street, dem cast lot* to share her top-men, con chain all her great men.
  11. You sef [Nineveh] go jogodo [wit di cup of Baba-God vex], con kpanji, and you go fyne place shuuk-head becos of your enemies.
  12. All di place where you dey hide be like fig trees wit dia first ripe fruit; wen pipo shake di trees, di fig go fall enta dia mouth.
  13. See una sojas, all of dem na women! Di gates of una town go open wide for enemies; faya go burn una iron gates.
  14. Una enemies wan surround una, so gada water keep! Make una wall strong well-well! Start to dey make blocks, gada clay, organize di material for blocks.
  15. Na for there di faya go burn una; di sword go cut una down, and enemies go chop una like locust. Make una gada like locust, Make una plenty well-well like locusts!
  16. Your market-pipo don plenty sote dem plenty pass stars for sky, but like locust, dem dey chop di land kpatakpata, con fly komot.
  17. Your commanders be like plenty locusts, and your generals be like plenty grasshoppers wey dey gada for wall on a cold day—but wen sun show-face, dem go fly komot, and no pesin dey know where dem dey go.
  18. Chai king of Assyria, your shepherds dey sleep, your rulers dey lie down for dust. Your pipo scata full di mountains wit no pesin to gada dem.
  19. Notin fit heal your wound; your injury serious well-well. Everi pesin wey dey hear di news about you dey clap dia hands sey you don fall, abi who no feel your wickedness wey no dey finish?


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