Zephaniah Chapter 1

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 Zephaniah Prophesy Judgement On Judah

  1. Dis na Baba-God word wey come meet Zephaniah wey be di son of Cushi, di son of Gedaliah, di son of Amariah, di son of Hezekiah, wen Josiah dey reign, di son of Amon—king of Judah:
  2. Baba-God tok sey, “I go sweep everitin komot from di land kpatakpata,
  3. I go kill both man plus animals, di birds wey dey fly for sky, plus di fishes wey dey for inside water. I go komot di idols wey make evil pipo fall, and I go wipe everi pesin komot from di land,” naso Baba-God tok.
  4. “I go stretch out my hand against Judah and against all di pipo wey dey live inside Jerusalem. I go cut komot everitin wey remain about Baal, wit di names of di priests wey be idol worshipers.
  5. Those pipo wey dey worship di stars, sun plus moon—for on top of dia house, and those wey claim sey dem dey worship Baba-God, but still dey swear to Malcham (Molech),
  6. and those wey dey turn komot from Baba-God, plus those we no wan gree sabi Baba-God, or pray to Am.

Baba-God Day

7. Dey silent for front of Baba-God wey be di Oga; becos di day of Baba-God judgement don dey near. Baba-God don prepare hin sacrifice (Judah), and he don choose di pipo wey he invite (Babylon).

8. Baba-God tok sey, “On di day of Baba-God sacrifice, I go punish di leaders and di princes of Judah, plus all those pipo wey dey wear foreign clothes [follow foreign traditions].

9. On di same day, I go punish pipo wey dey join idol worship ceremonies, and those pipo wey dey full dia oga house wit bloodshed and wuru-wuru.

10. Baba-God tok sey, “E go happun on dat day, cry go dey for di Fish Gate, and cry-cry from di New town, plus loud noise of scata-scata from di hills.

11. Pipo of Makteh, make una cry, becos all di market-pipo don fall, becos all di pipo wey dey do business wit moni don fall.

12. For dat time, I go use lamps take look even di corners wey dark pass for Jerusalem, con punish those pipo wey dia spirit no wan gree move from one place. Dem dey tink for inside dia heart sey, ‘Baba-God no go do anytin—good or bad.’

13. Pipo go steal dia beta-beta-tins, dem go scata dia houses. Dem go build houses, but dem no go live inside am. Dem go plant grape-farms but dem no go drink from e wine.

14. Di ogbonge day of Baba-God dey come, e dey near, and e dey come sharp-sharp. Listen! Di strong men for there go cry well-well.

15. Di day na di day of vex, na day of wahala plus palava, na day of scata-scata, plus waste. Na day of darkness and sadness.

16. Na day of trumpet plus alarm against di cities wey get wall, and against di tall-buildings.

17. I go put palava for men head, sote dem go dey waka like blind men, becos dem don sin against Baba-God; and dia blood go pour come out like dust, and dia flesh go pour come out like shit.

18. Dia silver or gold no go fit save dem on dat day wen Baba-God dey vex, but di whole land go burn wit faya of hin jealousy: becos he go sharp-sharp end everi pesin wey dey live for di land.”


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