Zephaniah Chapter 2

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Call To Repent

  1. Make una gada unasef togeda, gada togeda (to repent), oh nation of shame,
  2. before judgement start, before una time to repent pass go like chaff wey dey blow komot. Repent now before Baba-God vex for una like faya, before di day of Baba-God judgement fall on una.
  3. Make una fyne Baba-God, all di humble pipo of di land, di pipo wey dey do wetin he tok; try to get clean-heart and try to dey humble; maybe you go fit hide on di day wen Baba-God dey vex.

Judgement On Di Philistines

4. Pipo go run komot from Gaza, and Ashkelon go scata kpatakpata. Dem go empty Ashod for korokoro afta-noon, and dem go komot Ekron from e root.

5. Wahala for una wey dey live near water-side, kai Kerethite pipo; Baba-God word dey against una. Oh Canaan, di land of di Philistines—I go scata you, and no pesin go remain.

6. Naso di water-side go be place for shepherds and sheep-house.

7. Di water-side go belong to di remaining pipo of di house of Judah; na for there dem go see green-land for dia sheep plus goats. Dem go lie down for evening for inside di houses of Ashkelon, becos Baba-God wey be dia Oga go take care of dem, con make dem prosper again for dia land.

Judgement Against Moab Plus Ammon

8. “I don hear about di insults of Moab and as di Ammonites take dey whyne una, wey insult my pipo, con threaten dia land.

9. Baba-God Almighty, di God of Israel, tok sey, “As surely as I dey live, Moab go surely be like Sodom, and di Ammonites go be like Gomorrah—place where grass go dey grow, place where salt pits dey, and di land go empty forever. My pipo wey remain go obtain dem, con claim dia land.”

10. Na dis tins dem go get as dem dey feel-big, becos dem yab, con laff di pipo of Baba-God Almighty.

11. Baba-God go shock dem wit gbege, and he go turn all di gods of di land to notin. Di nations wey dey around di world go worship Baba-God, all of dem for dia own land.

Judgement Against Ethiopia Plus Assyria

12. Una sef, Ethiopians, na sword go kill una.”

13. He go stretch out hin hands against di north, con scata Assyria, and e go make Nineveh empty and dry like desert.

14. Malu and sheep go lie down inside her, all di wild animals of di nations go settle down for there. Both di desert owl plus di bittern go perch for di cap-of-di-pillars, and dem go dey sing from di windows, scata-scata nahin go full di doormot, and Baba-God go open di cedar woods.

15. Dis na di flexing city wey bin tink sey notin-dey-happun, wey tok for inside her heart sey, “Na me be dis, and no oda pipo dey apart from me: see as she don scata kpatakpata, con turn to place where wild animals dey lie down put! Everi pesin wey dey pass near her go hiss, con shake dia hand to downgrade dem.


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