Zephaniah Chapter 3

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       Judgement Against Jerusalem

  1. Wahala for di city wey dey oppress pipo, pipo wey dey rebel and wey don corrupt!
  2. She no gree obey di voice; she no gree accept correction; she no gree trust Baba-God; she no gree gum-body wit her God.
  3. Her princes wey dey inside her na lion wey dey halla; her judges na evening wolves, wey no dey dey chop bone remain reach morning.
  4. Her prophets dey do anyhow, dem be unfaithful men, her priests don spoil di holy place, dem dey fight di law.
  5. Baba-God wey get clean-heart dey inside her, he no dey do any wrong tin. He dey show hin justice morning by morning, he no dey fail, but pipo wey no get clean-heart no get shame.
  6. “I don cut di nations komot; dia tall-buildings don empty; I turn dia street to waste, sote no pesin dey for there, sote no pesin dey live for there.
  7. I tell di city sey, ‘Surely una go respect me now! Surely, dem go listen to my warnings. Den I no go need to nack dem again, con scata dia houses.’ But lai-lai, dem go wake up for early mor-more to kontinu dia evil ways.
  8. So make una wait for me,” naso Baba-God yarn, “For di day wen I go stand up to tok. I don decide to gada di nations, to gada di kingdoms and to pour my vex on dem—all my serious vex. Di whole world go burn by di faya of my jealous vex.

To Make Di Nations Pure

9. I go give my pipo pure words from dia lips, so dat all of dem go call Baba-God name, to serve am wit one mind.

10. From far-far pass di rivers of Ethiopia my worshippers, even pipo wey scata for everi where go bring offering for me.

11. Shame no go catch una dat day for everi wrong tin wey una don do against me, becos I go komot those pipo from di city—wey dey happy as dem dey feel-big. Pipo wey dey do anyhow no go ever dey for my holy mountain again.

12. But I go leave di humble and jeje pipo inside you, wey dey trust in Baba-God name.

13. Di remaining pipo of Israel no go do any wrong tin; dem no go dey tok lie, and wayo no go dey for dia mouth. Dem go chop and dem go lie down, and no pesin go make dia mind dey cut.”

Baba-God Go Save Israel

14. Sing, Oh daughters of Zion; raise your voice [soro-soke], Oh Israel! Dey happy and celebrate wit all your heart, Oh Daughter of Jerusalem!

15. Baba-God don carry una punishment komot, he don make una enemy turn back. Baba-God, di king of Israel dey wit una, una no go see evil again.

16. On dat dey, dem go tell Jerusalem sey, “No let fear catch you, Oh Zion, no let you hand slack.

17. Baba-God wey be una Oga dey around una; di Ogbonge, he go save una, he go happy for una wit joy; he go rest inside hin love, belle go sweet am for una wit songs.”

18. “I go komot those pipo from una—wey dey cry becos una no dey do those festivals wey be like load and shame to una.

19. See, for dat time, I go deal wit everi pesin wey oppress una; I go save pipo wey no fit waka, con gada those pipo wey dey scata for everi where, and I go give dem praise plus levels for everi land where dem don make shame catch dem.

20. For dat time, I go gada una; for dat time, I go bring una come house. I go give una levels plus praise among all di pipo of di earth, wen I bring una back from foreign land—and una eyes go see am,” naso Baba-God yarn.


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