Malachi Chapter 2

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Warning To Priests

  1. Now, Oh priests, dis words na for una.
  2. Baba-God Almighty tok sey, “If una no gree listen, and if una no put-mind to respect my name, I go send curse for una head, and I go curse una blessings. Yes, I don already curse dem, becos una no put-mind to respect me.
  3. “See, I go spoil tins for una pikin-pikin-pikin, con pour shit for una face—even di shit from di sacrifice of di festival, and dem go carry una komot wit am.
  4. And una go know sey I don send dis words to una, so dat my agreement wit Levi go kontinu,” naso Baba-God Almighty tok.
  5. My agreement don dey wit am, agreement of life plus peace, and I give dem to am; dis one make am respect me, he respect me—and my name make am wonder.
  6. Di law of truth bin dey for hin mouth, and wuru-wuru no dey for hin lips; he waka wit me inside peace plus justice, and he make plenty pipo stop di bad-bad-tins wey dem bin dey do.
  7. Priests suppose dey tok words of wisdom wit dia lips, and men suppose dey learn from di yarnings from hin mouth, becos he be di messenger of Baba-God Almighty.
  8. But una don turn komot from di way, and una teaching don make plenty pipo fall; una don break di agreement wit Levi,” naso Baba-God Almighty tok.
  9. “So I don make all di pipo hate una, and make dem dey use una take play, becos una no gree follow my ways and una don do partiality for matas about di law.”

Judah No Dey Faithful

10. Abi no be one papa all of us get? Abi no be one God nahin make us? Why all of us con dey betray awa brodas, by breaking di agreement wey Baba-God make wit awa papa-papa-papa?

11. Judah don break dia faith. Israel don do mumu tin, and dem don do mumu tin for inside Jerusalem sef. Judah don downgrade di holiness of Baba-God love, by marrying di daughter of foreign god.

12. As for di man wey do dis tin, whoever di pesin be, make Baba-God cut am komot from di house of Jacob—even though he carry offering come meet Baba-God Almighty.

13. Dis na anoda tin wey una dey do again, una dey cover Baba-God altar wit una tears, una dey cry well-well, and dey shout becos he no care about una offerings again, or dey receive am wit free-mind from your hand.

14. But una ask, “Why?” Na becos Baba-God be di witness between you and di woman wey you marry for youth, wey you don fashi her, but she be your padi and di wife of your marriage agreement.

15. Abi Baba-God no make dem as one, wit part of hin Spirit inside dem? So why he make dem one? Na becos he want good pikin. So guard your spirit, and let anytin betray di woman wey you marry for your youth.

16. “Baba-God of Israel tok sey, he hate divorce, any pesin wey separate from hin wife dey cover hin cloth wit violence,” naso Baba-God tok, “So guard your spirit, and no betray your wife.”

17. Una don make Baba-God taya wit una words. Una con dey ask sey, “How we take make am taya?” Wen una tok sey , “All di pipo wey dey do evil na good pipo for Baba-God eyes, and he dey happy for dem,” or, “Where di God of justice?”


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