Malachi Chapter 3

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Day of Judgement Dey Come

  1. “See, I go send my messenger, wey go prepare di road for my front. And di God wey una dey fyne go come hin worship-place sharp-sharp, di messenger of di agreement wey una dey fyne go come,” naso Baba-God Almighty tok.
  2. But who go fit endure di day wen he go show? Who go fit stand wen he show-face? Becos he go be like hot faya for melting iron, or dry-cleaner soap.
  3. He go sidon like goldsmith, con clean di silver wit faya, he go clean di sons of Levi (priests), con melt dem like gold and silver. So dat dem go fit give Baba-God offering in a holy way.
  4. And Baba-God go accept di offering of Judah plus Jerusalem, as he bin dey do before, and di years before.
  5. “So I go come near una for judgement. I go dey fast to tok against di jazzmen, pipo wey dey sleep wit oda pipo husband or wife, those pipo wey dey swear wit wetin no be true, those pipo wey dey do ojoro for dia workers salary—pipo wey dey oppress widows plus pipo wey no get papa and mama, even against pipo wey dey oppress foreigner from hin right—but dem no dey fear me,” naso Baba-God Almighty tok.

To Rob Baba-God

6. “Me, Baba-God, I no dey change, nahin make di sons of Jacob neva scata finish.

7. Even from di days of una papa-papa-papa, dem waka komot from my laws, and dem no gree follow my word. Make una come back to me, and I go come back to una,” naso Baba-God Almighty tok, “But una dey ask sey, ‘How we go take come back to you?’

8. “Abi man fit rob Baba-God? But una don rob me. But una dey ask sey, ‘How we take dey rob you?’ “Una dey rob me wit una tithes plus offerings.

9. Una dey under curse—di whole nation, becos una don rob me.”

10. Baba-God Almighty tok sey, “Make una carry di whole tithe come di store, so dat food go dey inside my house. Use dis one take test me, con see if I no go open di windows of heaven, con pour blessings yanfu-yanfu, sote you no go get enuff room to keep dem.

11. “I go turn against di tins wey dey chop una [insects plus disease for una farm] sake of una; dem no go scata di fruits of una land, and una grapes no go fall before dem ripe ,” naso Baba-God Almighty tok.

12. “So all di nation go call you blessing, becos una land go be sweet land,” naso Baba-God yarn.

13. Baba-God tok sey, “Una don tok anyhow against me, but una still dey ask sey, ‘Wetin we don tok against you?’

14. “Una tok sey, ‘Na waste of time to dey serve Baba-God. Wetin we gain by doing wetin Baba-God tell us to do, or to dey cry for Baba-God Almighty front?

15. But now we dey tok sey, pipo wey dey make-mouth nahin dey blessed, and even those pipo wey dey do evil dey make moni, and those pipo wey dey test Baba-God dey escape wit no punishment.’ ”

Di Book Of Remembrance

16. Naso those pipo wey dey fear Baba-God tok wit each oda, and Baba-God listen, con hear dem; so dem write book for Baba-God front—to remember di names of di pipo wey dey fear Baba-God and wey dey meditate on Hin name.

17. Baba-God Almighty tok sey, “Dem go belong to me, on di day wey I go turn dem to my beta-beta property. And I go sorry-for dem, just as man take dey sorry-for hin own pikin wey dey serve am.”

18. And una go see again, di difference between pipo wey get clean-heart and wicked pipo, between those pipo wey dey serve Baba-God, and those wey no dey obey am.


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