Malachi Chapter 4

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           Di Ogbonge Day Of Baba-God

  1. Baba-God Almighty tok sey, “Surely, di day dey come; e go burn like hot faya. All di pipo wey dey do anyhow, plus di pipo wey dey do evil tins go burn like grass. Dem go burn dat day, and notin about dem go dey again (root or branch).
  2. But for una wey dey respect my name, di sun of goodness go rise up wit healing for e feathers. And una go go out, con dey jump like small malu wey dem release from e cage.
  3. Naso una go march wicked pipo; dem go be ashes under una leg—on di day wen I go do all dis tins,” naso Baba-God Almighty tok.
  4. “Remember di law of my servant Moses, di commands plus di words wey I give am for Horeb for all di pipo of Israel.
  5. “See, I go send prophet Elijah before di ogbonge day of Baba-God—na day of fear.
  6. He go turn di hearts of papa to dia pikin, and di hearts of pikin to dia papa; or else I go come nack di land wit curse.” (Di End of di prophets.)


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